Monday, December 19, 2016

Of Mice & Men

Dear Family and Friends,

Well, this week was 100% awesome! A lot of different things were going on this week. First off, on the way to email this morning and biking around last night was really cold!

On Monday after sports and other P-Day activities, we had dinner with the Phillips. Now, I am going to keep saying it, but Sister Phillips make some really good homemade tortillas! We then got dropped off and I resumed my search for the hole in my bike tube. I found it for a moment then lost it. It seems to be a recurring theme for me. Another thing! While we were at the church, we found my biking tie clip! Made my day!

Tuesday was District Meeting and the Zone Leaders came down for that. They then went on exchanges and gave us a ride back to our apartment. I had given up on searching for the tube and put it back in and pumped it back up and began biking. We checked our mail and Sister Jensen called to confirm something for me. Elder Taylor then directed my eyes to my tire where there was some bubbling! Found the hole! We then bike back, because it was losing air fast, patched it, and then went on our merry way! We then stopped and talked to Wesley and Shane and a little later got picked up by Elder Darrington and Elder Allen. We then had supper at the Eilands with Carlos and the Sisters. We sure had a fun time! 

The next day we went with Bro. Bush to visit some less-active members on the roster to clean it up a bit. After that, we had supper, then got picked up for Book of Mormon class. Afterwards, we were dropped off and we had about half an hour left before heading in. So, naturally, we went walked around and hit up Circle K on our way back! We got our drinks and the cashier asked me a question about when Christ was really born and that led us to another few questions from her. We then introduced the Book of Mormon, the Plan of Salvation, and Light the World. Circle K got us a contact! The Dr. Pepper I got was also on point!

Thursday was awesome! We had RMT after lunch and headed to our Windows of Heaven area. We said a prayer to consecrate and covenant to talk to everyone we see. It was absolutely incredible! Door after door opened for us and we were able to teach 4 lessons and find 7 new investigators in the space of two hours! We also found a few potential investigators who met with missionaries in the past. It got me really excited! We then biked home, ate, and then visited the Owens.

The next day we followed up with a potential from the previous day, Jack. He seems pretty interested and we gave him a Book of Mormon and testified and encouraged him to read it. A little later we biked home to meet Sis. Rowe who was dropping off Little Caesar's for us. We ate and the other two sets came and we all went caroling to some people. They really appreciated it. In fact, we caroled to Sis. Hearn's neighbor, who tried giving us money. Miraculously, he had difficulty getting up the last few days, but he got up to see us at the door! It warmed our hearts for sure. We then caroled to the Hoggs and a few others, including Sis. Stevens. What a night!
Saturday, we were able to see Wesley and Jimmy for a little bit. We then had a brief visit with the Rivers as they were about to leave. We also played with their new puppy for a little bit while we were waiting for them. We then went to our appointment with Marilyn to find her still at work. We then tried a referral from the Rivercrest Spanish Elders but to no avail. With a little time left, we went to Captain D's at Elder Taylor's treat using a gift card from a previous companion. We got a drink and a little bit later, got picked up by the other Elders. We then went to the Ward Christmas party. We sat and talked to the Tripletts, sang Christmas songs, and got a picture with Santa! Bro. Triplett kept quoting movies which made us laugh a lot! Backing up a little, we discovered Frederick dead in our kitchen, but it was actually Olga! And yes, we checked! 3 for 3!
Sunday was good. We talked to Carlos to figure out the Skype time for Christmas. We then had lunch with Bug and Lulu. We the gave the Sacrament to the Otts and Elder Darrington came with me for an emergency exchange since he wasn't feeling too good and they had a lesson planned with a newborn in the house. We were able to to meet with Cindy briefly and talked to Sis. Stevens for a little bit. She gave us some smoked sausage her neighbor bought for her. We then went out into the cold and wet. We talked with Keith, Shirley and Anthony's son, nearly freezing my hands. We then meet Elder Glenn and Elder Taylor for pickup, and end our exchange. It took me a little bit for me to warm up, which is surprising to me. I guess I'm now acclimated to the humidity! 

So, this morning, we found a pleasant surprise in our room. We discovered... Charles! Dead of course. Elder Taylor wasn't crazy when he saw two mice in our apartment, one of which was Olga. A little too close for comfort... We are now 4 for 4! 

This week was a real boost to morale as our teaching pool has increased dramatically. With this week being Christmas, I will be Skyping home to my awesome parents and siblings. Have a wonderful Christmas y'all!

Elder Alexander Kestner

PS. Library will be closed next Monday. Will probably email on Tuesday.