Monday, April 27, 2015

Upcoming Baptism!! Nailed it!!

Hi Family!
Another week down!
I am getting the swing of things for sure and I am really learning a lot. The weather is getting warmer every day, but today is nice. The humidity and heat is not like the Idaho dry heat. 

The first couple of days in the field I wasn't sleeping as well. I have decided to take a shower when we get home for the night which has done wonders. I feel myself getting healthier. I have cut back on soda and I only have it when we are at a restaurant, which isn't that often...I do not actively get soda from the store, but if it is at a restaurant I will treat myself.

I working up to doing 3 sets of 30 crunches each morning. I want my belly gone!! I have been drinking tons of water. I can tolerate it if it has been through the pitcher which has a filter in it. My companion is a bit health conscious and that took some getting used to. We bought some Great Value lemonade and fruit punch packets that make a quart and that definitely helps. I wouldn't mind some Mio now that you reminded me. 

We did have dinner last week with some members. One of the older sisters in the ward made tacos with homemade tortillas! It felt like your cooking!

We actually have a Baptism this Friday evening. My companion is doing the Baptism and I am conferring the Holy Ghost to him. He is our golden investigator right now. He works for the Sheriff's Dept. and was in the Marines. His unit in Afghanistan was on standby if the SEALS failed getting Bin Laden. A lot of military in the ward for sure. 

I will definitely take pictures at the Baptism. I believe I can upload pictures and send them but I just keep forgetting to bring my camera to the library.

A lot of military in the ward for sure. 

I did make Hamburger Helper for Saturday's dinner and I nailed it. 

We biked this last Wednesday and I about died. I had forgotten that to get back home we had to go for a mile uphill. My legs were on fire. The bike was good, but I was just out of shape and it was warm. Apparently it gets a lot hotter. It reached the mid 80s last week, but it felt hotter.
New climate, different culture, and interesting food. The adventure of the mission field.

We will be driving to Macon on Friday for a conference with Elder Zwick, which should be great!

I will be sending a bunch of pics of the baptism, the MTC, the field and the Provo Temple of course.

I have been told I can skype home on Mothers Day. I am not sure if you have skype, but I would definitely set one up. Make sure you are all there when I skype home!  

I would not mind an extra short-sleeved shirt or two. I haven't even touched the long-sleeved ones since I got to the field on April 13th. 

All in all, I am doing well and learning tons. Looking forward to hear from you.

Love you lots!
Elder Kestner