Thursday, April 9, 2015

12 Days in the MTC

Thursday, April 2nd: 
I am so far enjoying the MTC and I am being fed well. My P Day in the MTC will be on Tuesday. My companion, Elder Ray is from Twin Falls and and and one of my other roommates is from Idaho Falls. I was just called to be the District Leader today. I have learned so much in just 2 days and have been taught deep doctrine and missionary skills. All in all, I am surrounded by amazing teachers and fellow missionaries. Anyways, I am well taken care of. Love you all!

Tuesday, April 7th:

Everything is going well here! It is day 5 here in the MTC. I was able to go to the temple this morning and do an Endowment Session which was amazing. When I got to the Celestial Room I had a powerful experience. A strong presence came over me and I knew that it was Grandpa Kestner. I knew that he is proud of me for serving a mission. It brought me to tears. It testified to me that those who have passed on are still with us in this life, especially family. I feel a strong connection to Grandpa. 

The other day I ran into someone from Pocatello... Elder Gavin Page! I did a double take when I saw him. It was so good to see a familiar face here.

I am enjoying my snacks btw haha. We will be flying out of SLC on Monday at 8:05 am. So that means I will be up at 1:30. We will be flying with Delta, I believe. The hardest thing for me the first few days was sleep. The first 3 nights were brutal. It took forever for me to fall asleep. But now I am doing much better and falling asleep faster. I just put on my SEAHAWK beanie and just lay down.

I love the DearElder the other day. That is the only way I can get mail outside of P Day.

My companion and I had our first TRC yesterday. He reminded me like Peter Wells or his dad. He was a little rugged, but very experienced in working hard. I got the feeling afterword that he was a member because of the things he was saying. He was a bit of a hard case and he confused my comp and I. Our lesson was the Plan of Salvation and he said he couldn't grasp the basic concepts. But we have refined what we will do tomorrow when we visit him again. I will draw a picture of the Plan of Salvation that Zach and Ben have learned in Seminary.

I love each of you and think about all of you everyday. My testimony has been tried and strengthened in my few days here so far, but I know it is for my good once I get to the field. I know this Gospel is true and I am grateful for Christ and his Atonement. I would ask that you would pray for me and my fellow missionaries all over the world. I can't wait to hear from you guys!

Saturday, April 11th:

I am able to email since I am washing laundry. I have to tell you something. Wednesday night I started having pains in my lower legs. I went to the MTC Doctor yesterday to get it checked out. What he basically said was this. The combination of sitting in class, high calorie meals, and minimal gym time contributed to the problem. Well, I failed my promise. I have gained 10 pounds. I am not happy with that fact at all. And it is know important to me that I try my hardest to lose that weight and then some. My goal is to get down to 215-20. It will be difficult but I know with the Lord's help I can do it.

I am not proud of that fact, but I am working to get it off. I am so anxious to get to Georgia and a little nervous about the flight. I'll just follow your instructions about how to pack effectively. Another thing. I am also anxious because of the no music in the Residence Hall rule. You know me. If I can't hear some Howard Shore or John Williams, it affects a part of me. We sing a LOT of Hymns, but I digress. It is somewhat likely I will be able to listen Monday night to ease my musical nerves. Everything else is fine. My companion is from outside of Twin and we definitely have differences in terms of upbringing and personality.

My comp and I's TRC is amazing. He had so many questions today and he said he would come to church after we gave him two pamphlets. The Plan of Salvation and Preparing to Enter the Temple. Such a huge difference from Monday. I cannot wait to hear from him in the weeks and months to come. Well, I have been sleeping better than the first few nights, but I still get tired quickly mid-morning. Once I hit about 3 pm, I am good to go.

I love and miss you, but I am where I need to be. People like my TRC, Arnold, make me excited to teach the good people of Georgia. I know that this Work is true and that we all should share the Gospel with those the Lord sends our way. I look forward to calling home and make sure everyone is awake for my call. Talk to you soon!

Elder Kestner