Monday, May 18, 2015

Stronger in the Gospel & Southern Food

Elder Kestner & his companion Elder Stewart from Nampa, ID

Dear Family & Friends,

Another week gone by. I am now in the last week of this transfer. I can't believe I've been in Phenix City for 6 weeks! This week went by really quick due to a few things. We were busy and we now have 6 new investigators and one of our investigators from a few weeks ago is on date for baptism. He is on date for October 31st. His name is Matt and he is 40 years old and he just married a member. He is growing so much and getting stronger in the Gospel. I love seeing investigators progress. 

We went with our recent convert, AJ, to the home of a less-active family. AJ bore his testimony in pure simplicity. AJ has progressed so much since his Baptism on May 1st. 
I find that the most effective means of finding come from referrals and with help from members. The members are great here and they sure feed us well.

The Newsome's
On Saturday, we went to the home of the Newsomes. They are an older couple in their late 80s and early 90s. We went there with the intention of sharing a message and then going to our next scheduled stop. That wasn't the case. We got there and they immediately offered to fix us a plate of food. Sis. Newsome gave us a plate of Roast Beef, corn on the cob, rolls, and cabbage. As well as drinks. we ate it and it reminded me of your Roast Beef. When we were about done with our plates they offered us a glazed cake and a scoop of almond  ice cream. I was so full after eating all that. The funny thing was that we had a dinner appointment at 5. We were there from 3 to 4. We ate the food provided out of courtesy and thanks. We will have to plan our dinner appointments more carefully if we stop by the Newsomes.

All in all, it was a good week. 6 new investigators and we are improving for sure. I am getting 'thicker skin' in relation to my companion and others. I find that if I fire back what they put out, it all works out great. 

I hope your week in DC was good and that the funeral service was good. 

Love you mom!

Elder Kestner