Monday, September 14, 2015

This week was pretty AWESOME!

Dear Family & Friends,

Phew. What a week! This week was pretty awesome. It has been in the 70s and low 80s all week and it is starting to look like Fall. The leaves are falling and there is a crispness in the air, but not like Idaho. 

We did some biking this week now that my bike is repaired.  As we bike more I will burn off the extra pounds I've gained and eat less at breakfast. We taught a potential while we were out on bikes. We taught a young man, Quintavious, the Restoration and he understood it. He has shown interest in learning more about the Gospel. He is a Christian himself, as are most people down here. He was working on his Charger which was a great object lesson with the Restoration. We left with a good feeling and we discussed what we could do to do better in the future. We were able to analyze our teaching and learn from it so we can be better. 

On Thursday we left for Augusta which is about 32 miles west of Thomson. We got stuck in heavy traffic, but not Portland level traffic. It slowed us down as we made our way to the Augusta Ward building to teach President and Sister Cottle. We got there 10 minutes late, but the Sisters got there early and went in before us. When it came to be our turn we went in and talked and then prayed to start the role play lesson. We taught them the principle of the Book of Mormon and it went really well. We had been counseled by Elder Zwick of the 1st Quorum of the Seventy a couple months ago to '' Simplify and Intensify ". We followed that and had a good role play with the Cottles. They then looked at our Area Book to check the progress of our investigators and asked us about them. They then counseled us to see a former investigator who was about to be baptized who was stopped by her daughter who thinks we are a cult. That even happened with Elder Thornton last transfer. We will be seeing that former investigator, Bonnie, tomorrow and replenish the supplies that her daughter destroyed and set up an appointment with her at a member's home to be taught. President and Sister Cottle gave us good counsel and encouragement. We left happy and high-fived to the car. We stopped at Sonic on our way back to Thomson haha.

The next day we had Zone Conference back in Augusta. The meeting was great and it had an emphasis on Sabbath Day observance. It was a great Conference and it is getting me excited for this upcoming General Conference as well as Stake Conference this weekend. At the end, President Cottle had the outgoing missionaries bare their testimonies to us.Their testimonies were beautiful and I could tell that the 3 Elders and 2 Sisters have enjoyed their Missionary life. When I get to that mark in the future, I want to be able to say that I wish my mission would last longer and that I have seen the biggest change in myself. 

With another week down in this Transfer, we go into week 5. I will be a few days off of my 6 month mark. It doesn't feel like it's been almost 6 months since I've entered into the mission field. Time flies. I will find a cheap tie to burn.. haha. 

We have an investigator, Becky, who would love to talk to you. She is in her 60s and she is really sweet. You and her would get along great. Sister Childers is in the Ward and has fed us twice already!

Thank you so much for the love and support from back home. 

I hope you enjoyed the pictures on the SD card I sent as well as the videos. Have a great week Mom and have a great day at work. Love you!

Your son, 

Elder Alex Kestner