Monday, December 7, 2015

You Mormons?

Dear Family & Friends,

This week has flown by, indeed. As we are now in December, I can't help but feel the spirit of Christmas. People here in Georgia are starting to feel it too as their hearts begin to soften. Though, it may not always be ideal for them to hear our message. The Work goes on regardless!

The beginning of the week was slow at first but started to pick up later. On Thursday we were out tracting near our apartment. We knocked on a door and a man stepped out and listened and said he wouldn't mind if we came back by. A few doors down, a man comes to the door and cracks it open just a little. We introduce ourselves and offer to shake his hand. He said hi and asked if there was anything he can do. By not wanting to shake our hands, we saw this spiraling down. We then decided to walk away when the opportunity arose to get out of that awkwardness that was not conducive to the Spirit. Trying to shake that off we walk past another house when another man came out going to his car. He shouted "You Mormons?". We replied that we were. He then said "So, you going around and telling people they are going to Hell?". I was thinking ''geez, another one?". He grabbed something from his truck and came with small pamphlets. He said "Man, I feel bad that you haven't found the truth". He said for us to take his pamphlets. Elder Bingham spoke up and said we would take his if he would take ours. He reluctantly agreed. He then said he is a Baptist Minister. Walking away, he said again "I feel bad that y'all haven't found the truth". That street left a bad taste in our mouths. 

 Now approaching Dinner time, we go back to the apartment to wait for Brother Cribbs. We had asked him to take us to Buffalo Wild Wings for discount boneless wings since the Sisters were borrowing our car. He picks us up and takes us there. We go inside to the take out line. We are about to order when Brother Cribb's says "Don't worry fellas, I got it". Refusing to let him pay for us, we said we got it and he did enough by getting us there. He then replied, "You can't make me not pay for you". Not wanting to stop him, we thanked Brother Cribbs for his generosity and kindness. We soon got our wings and left. We stopped by his place, he gave us Root Beer and we went home to eat. That had certainly perked our day up as we ate and went about our evening with renewed confidence.

Now Saturday, we go 'blitzing' with the Sisters. We take one side of the street, they take the other. The first door we approach, a man opened and shook our hands. We broke the ice rather quickly and we started talking. He told us that he is a Deacon in his church and wouldn't mind if we came back by to share more. We were talking him close to 20 minutes. The Sisters had knocked half the street when we finished talking. We moved on down the street and met a 16 year old who talked to us about the same amount of time. He told us that he wanted to learn more and he wanted to get back into church. This street definitely perked our spirits. 

Last night, the Sisters had to borrow our car to go to an appointment. We tracted another street near the one on Thursday. We ran into a Former Investigator who really enjoyed reading the Book of Mormon but has since lost it. He was very friendly and wanted us to come back by. Down the street, we met a man in his 20s who showed a good amount of interest as he wants to have his kids grow up in a church. 

After all of that, we got the car back and drove to meet with Brother Becker. We met him at a parking lot, and he took us to his house which is on base on Hunter Army Airfield. He being a Colonel, had a really nice house. We had chili and ice cream for dessert. The Becker's also had a big, but very friendly Brown Lab. 

This week had its ups and downs, but that is to be expected. Elder Bingham and I are getting along great. I am sad that I will be leaving Savannah so soon. But I have enjoyed it greatly. Next week should be my last Monday in Savannah. God Bless all of you and Merry CHRISTmas!

Elder Alexander Kestner

P.S.I sent the SD card on Saturday, it should be there in a day or two. I wish I could reply to everyone individually, but due to time constraints I could only get that big one out. I am really looking forward to Skyping in about 2 weeks!