Monday, March 28, 2016

A cause for Reflection..1 year down and feeling pretty good!

Elder Anderson (Gilbert, AZ) and Elder Kestner. A new companionship in Albany, GA
Dear Family & Friends,

Well, Transfers have come and gone and I have been assigned to serve in Albany, GA in the Tifton West Zone. This also marks that I have served in each of the Stakes the Georgia Macon Mission covers. 

This week, on Friday, I will hit my year mark. This causes some time to reflect where I've been. I started my mission in Phenix City, AL, which I was honored to serve for 4.5 months with my Trainer Elder Stewart and Elder Sutton. I then moved on to Thomson where I served with Elder Thornton. After serving there for only a month and a half, I was transferred to Gray with Elder Palmer and stayed there for only a transfer. I served for a brief time in Rincon and then I moved on to Savannah and served with Elder Bingham. I then moved to N. Augusta and served with Elder Jordan for two transfers. My companion now is Elder Anderson from Gilbert, AZ. Albany is a bike area and is my chance to lose some of the weight I've gained on my mission. I have already noticed a difference. This ought to be great!

Since this is only my first week in this new area, I will be all over the place and somewhat brief. To start, the High Priest Group Leader, Bro. Marbury, was the Pocatello Idaho Mission President from 1978-81. We had Easter dinner with them last night and we were able to relate their experience in Pocatello. 

For 3 days this week, we were helping an investigator's mother, Dana, move from her small house down the street to an addition owned by her daughter, Cher. It was some good hard work as we moved 2 couches, a bed among other things. We were glad to help and they fed us lunch. Oh, and the Sisters helped too. Coming into this area, we are teaching a guy from Ethiopia, Tomrad. He shows a lot of promise and I look forward to teaching him. Elder Anderson told me that this area gets the most referrals in the mission! as evidence, the APs (Elder Holt and Elder Bingham) and the Tifton West ZLs came down about a month ago to 'blitz' the area to contact all of those referrals. We've got a lot of work to do!

I feel pretty good about this area and there is certainly work to do here. Sorry for the brief update, it has been a blur of a week. 

Hope y'all had a joyful and Happy Easter! 

Have a good week y'all!

Elder Alexander Kestner