Monday, April 18, 2016

A doozy of a week

Dear Family & Friends,

It seems like I have an idea what I went to send in an email, but as I am about to put my thoughts down, I draw a blank. Let's see how this goes!

Last Monday evening, we had a lesson with a James Banks. He is a non-member and his wife is less-active. He had missionaries in the past teach him and his wife encouraged him to meet with us. On this particular visit, we read the Introduction page of the Book of Mormon and the first chapter of 1 Nephi. After stopping a few times to clarify and explain certain things, the Spirit was starting to teach James. The Scriptures are an incredible way for a Spirit to come into a lesson. Our next lesson is today at 6 and Bro. Hayes, the Executive Secretary, will join us.

On Tuesday, we went out with Barney, who is a counselor in the Bishopric. It was about 1 pm when he picked us up. We decided that we would get some lunch before we started seeing people. I was honestly expecting Barney to pull into a McDonald's or Taco Bell or any common lunch options. I was not expecting him to take us to Longhorn Steakhouse! He said as we sat down, "If you want a steak, get a steak". I ended up getting a flat iron steak, medium rare, of course. I ordered with it a 'loaded' Idaho bakes potato. As an Idahoan, it was not an Idaho potato or loaded in anyway, though it did have real bacon. I digress. my companion and I were both lethargic and not at all hungry for dinner. We just relaxed for our dinner break.

On Wednesday, the Moultrie Elders came down and had District Meeting. After the meeting, Elder Anderson and I rode our bikes to our lunch choice. We went to this sandwich shop called Firehouse Subs. As my family would know, my favorite sandwich is Italian. I ordered it and it was awesome! I don't recall there being any in Pocatello... Getting back on our bikes to meet the Elders at our apartment which was about 3.5 miles away, I heard a snap from my back tire. Luckily, the other Elders hadn't left yet and Elder Allen hopped out to help. We found out quickly that the cable which controls my rear break had snapped out of place. So, I rode that bike back to our apartment, without a rear break, in 14 minutes. PHEW! 
We finally got a fan which definitely helps when it gets warm.

Friday was weekly planning day and we were in the apartment for a good chunk of the day planning for the upcoming week. We ended a little before dinner to go to an appointment with the Wilsons. They moved recently from Salt Lake. Sis. Wilson was Baptized but not Confirmed due to her foot getting hurt. Her husband of 25 years was Baptized and Confirmed, however. We talked with them and we decided to go over the lessons until the Elders in Salt Lake sent their paperwork. With Brother Anderson there with us, we taught the Restoration. Some of the base principles that we taught, they were unfamiliar. it sounds like the other Elders who taught them may have missed a few things. We got those principles cleared up and had a very Spiritual lesson. Sis. Wilson expressed that she really wants to be Confirmed and to have the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. We also have an appointment with them this evening.

After that, we were a little weary that no one had signed up to feed us even though Barney fed us, which we were very grateful. Shortly after we were dropped off, Ralph called us asked if we have had dinner yet. Long story short, he picked us up 15 minutes later to go get pizza at 'Brothers Pizza' which is NY style pizza that was so good. Ralph then took us to see one of his friends and we shared a message with her and gave her another Book of Mormon to replace the one that was given to her by missionaries in the past. Ralph was an answer to our prayers.

On Sunday, the Bishopric called a Missionary Meal Coordinator to help us get more dinner appointments, Sis. Ross. Within an hour, she started to mess with the 3 dinner appointment we have set this week. It was absolutely hectic. Bro. Spiers, our Ward Mission Leader, will get it sorted out. We also happened to be at the Spiers home. Bro. Spiers fixed my rear brake and gave me some ideas of how to get my bike to top condition. 

Well, this week ended up being a doozy for us. I'm looking forward to this week! Have a good week y'all!

Elder Alexander Kestner