Monday, April 11, 2016

ZTM, Bowling, Interviews, and Halfway through the Transfer already?

Bowling with the Moultrie Elders on P-Day
Dear Family & Friends,

This week sure flew and it was an awesome one at that. Let's get into it!

So, last Monday, the Moultrie Elders (2 sets) came down for P-Day. We went to the bowling alley and had a great time. I got 2nd and Elder Allen (from Pocatello) got 1st.

On Wednesday, we had some Referral Management Time in the afternoon and hauled tail to get to the Hall's for dinner at 5:45. We got there at 5:30. It was a 3.5 mile bike ride which took us about 20 minutes. We got there and we waited another 20 minutes for Sis. Hall to get home and get ready. We then got in the car and I was wondering where we were going. I perked up as soon as we pulled into Longhorn Steakhouse. We walk in and the Isbergs were waiting. the occasion for us being there is that Brother Isberg, who is the Ward Clerk, had just received his citizenship (formerly Canadian) earlier that day. He wanted to make his first meal as an American something special. After a delicious meal, we caught the last 10 minutes of Book of Mormon class. 

On Tuesday and Thursday, we met with one of our investigators, Henry. He was a former investigator and he let us in. The first visit was great and the Spirit was strong in there. The 2nd visit, it went well, he had a few questions, but not as much as the first. He expressed some fear about coming to church since the shooting at another church a few months back. Here comes Saturday... We had an appointment with James Banks at 2 pm and he lives about 2-3 miles from our apartment. We got there and he asked us to reschedule for another day. We headed back to our apartment to weekly planning. As we got on our street, Elder Anderson suggested that we go see Henry again which is another 2 miles. I agreed and we peddled away. We get there and he answers. He essentially dropped us and that he will call us when he needs us. Elder Anderson said that he is bi-polar. A little tired and strained, we went to a nearby Dairy Queen and we both got an Orange Julius.

Back to Thursday... We had a Zone Training Meeting in Tifton. The training's were on diligence and locking your heart. We guessed that President Cottle got ANOTHER Wedding invitation of an Elder and Sister who served here in the GMM. In addition to the training's, there was a skit to illustrate that. The diligence skit was by Elders Godwin and Christensen. During an already funny skit, Elder Godwin said "Oh man, did you feed Sunbeam?" Out of nowhere, they put a box on the table and pull out a turtle. Yes, a real, live turtle. Only Elder Godwin could be that creative.

We also had a skit. Ours was Locking your heart. We primarily were chosen because there are 6 Elders and 2 Sisters in our District. Our skit was divided into 3 mini skits. One skit is Sister proposing to another Elder and another is Elder Allen serenading the Sisters and being promptly slapped by his companion with the White Handbook and carried off. The last one was the best. Elder Hales walks up to the Sisters and said "So, you wanna hold the Priesthood?" His companion, Elder Arterburn, decked in duct tape armor and a duct tape helmet, rushes in a tackles Elder Hales and lays him out. The whole Zone erupted in laughter and Elder Hales himself was also laughing. It was the funniest thing I've seen on my mission! Elder Anderson got it on film too!

Now it's Friday. we have interviews with President Cottle. We were asked ahead of time to have scriptures for the 42 Principles that we teach each investigator. Doing that really helped find scriptural support for the Principles and Doctrine we teach. I have really grown to love the scriptures. I regret that I wasn't as diligent in reading them before I came out. But the Atonement covers that too. I honestly and truly love the Scriptures and how it gives us guidance and answers to our everyday questions and problems. Between that and prayer and modern prophets, we get the whole picture and a perfect brightness of hope. 

Have a good week y'all!

Elder Alexander Kestner