Monday, June 20, 2016

Exploring Albany

Dear Family and Friends,

Another week in Albany, Georgia! This week was a long one and we had a few things going on. Transfers are done and over and we have a new Sister in Albany, Sister McCulloch. 

We did a lot of work with referrals this week which meant we were exploring a good chunk of Albany trying to find these people. Some were interested and others weren't. A good side is that this weekend was a little cooler than earlier in the week. It's kinda sad that we thought it was cool when it's 80 degrees outside. well, it is Georgia. 

We had a lesson with Enoch on Friday which went well. He still has some reservations due to the fact he wants to learn every piece of doctrine the Church has. I'm still trying to learn, but he persists still. We asked him towards the end of the lesson what he would do if he didn't get baptized. It seemed to catch him off guard, which can be hard to do. He seems to want to learn more but unsure to what extent. We're there to help him with that and with anything he needs that we can help with. 

On Saturday, we went to Leesburg with Ralph and Brother Isberg to help the Leesburg Methodist church with a food pantry service project. It was good to help them. A lady there found a a shell of cicada which was pretty cool. We stopped at Hardee's for lunch and headed home. Later that night we had ward Correlation with Bro. Spiers. After the meeting we took a look at my bike where the front brake was acting up. Long story short, we fixed the brake but the valve of the tube of my front tire broke. We went to K-Mart and got a new tube. As it turned out, it was the wrong size for the valve to fit into the frame. 

Sunday evening, Tamerat invited us to go to church with him at Sherwood Baptist. They produced the movies "Courageous", and "Facing the Giants". We get there with the Sisters and Tamerat and the security there searched our bags. Interesting for sure. The service itself was interesting. It felt like being at a band concert. LOTS of singing and random prayers with background music to it. Very odd to me. A neat experience for sure.
This is how we fix our bike..Tape & Super glue!

This morning we borrowed the Sisters' car and returned the tube for a refund and then went over to Cycle World and bought a new tube for a $1 less and they installed it. 

A good week and we definitely worked hard, but it was hard to measure it. Some things we just can't measure. But, this week isn't getting me down. I remain optimistic for the coming weeks and this Transfer. 

Have a good week y'all!

Elder Alexander Kestner