Monday, June 13, 2016

Where do they find these turtles?

Christmas Tree Jump Rope
Dear Family and Friends,

Another Transfer has gone by and I am still in Albany with Elder Callison! This is good news in the sense I don't have to pack and I get to continue working with the members and investigators here. For an FYI note, the Moultrie '4-pad' is being cut in half and Sister Danible here in Albany is getting transferred. Sister Danible and I came out over a year ago with me and it's been pretty awesome. And if you haven't heard, it's getting warm here in Southwest Georgia!

Monday was a bit of a blur, but on Tuesday we had a good day. We had a lesson with Enoch which went well, but he isn't quite ready for baptism. We then biked across town to the bike shop and took a break at DQ with smoothies. We then went to the Hall's for a Hispanic spaghetti which was delicious. Nancy Hall is from Brazil which explains the different spaghetti. We finished the night contacting referrals.

Wednesday night we had Book of Mormon class and we mainly worked on referrals that day as well, but with little luck.

On Thursday was our ZTM in Tifton. The meeting was great and the lessons were inspiring. They gave us some info since President and Sister Cottle will soon be released. They will be having a string good-bye mini zone conference this week and next week. At the very end of the meeting, Elder Godwin and Elder Christensen put on another skit mainly illustrating how to pack since Elder Christensen is going (now) home. They then put a suitcase on the table and pulled out a good size tortuous and a small snapping turtle. I have one question: Where do they find these turtles?! We then went and had lunch at Chili's. We get back to Albany and Ralph picks us up so we could go give someone a blessing. We then go help a buddy of his get rid of a couch. We then gave it to Enoch as a gift since he doesn't have furniture 

Thursday night we got a text from Enoch saying that he wants to hold off on his baptism due to some disagreement on his part with some points of doctrine he has not yet clarified. We then set up an appointment for the next day at Bro. Hall's at 3 pm. The next day we planned and headed to meet with Enoch. He didn't show up and we just talked with Bro. Hall. We were significantly let down. He got back to us later, though. He worked later than planned.

Sister Danible, Sister Walker, Me, Elder Callison & Ralph
Saturday was very busy!  We had sports in the morning and we had a chance to talk with Enoch about his questions and concerns. We were able to address a few things, but he seems to be getting there somewhat. After sports we raced home to shower and change. Brother Anderson picked us up and took us to Wal-Mart for some snacks during our 'blitz' of Blakely. We met with a less-active, Clifton and we went on splits. I was with Bro. Anderson. Before we headed to Jakin to see people, I listened in on the transfer conference call. Luckily my name was not called as I mentioned earlier. We went out and were able to contact 2 people out of a dozen. It was a very long day. 

Church was good as well the next day. In the evening we went to Cher's for a 'going away party' for Sister Danible. It was a good time and this week took a lot out of me. 

Looking forward to another transfer here in Albany and serving the Lord in this portion of the Lord's vineyard. 

Have a good week y'all!

Elder Alexander Kestner