Monday, September 19, 2016

I have been sent back, until my task is done"

Dear Friends and Family,

This week was certainly a good one despite me getting a head cold on Wednesday that I am still fighting as I type, but a lot of improvement has been made. Let's jump into it!
On Tuesday after P-Day, we had a lesson with Olivia, an investigator. Our discussion was taken up reading Mosiah 3 which talks a lot on faith and repentance. She was very receptive and she is starting to see that the Book of Mormon has a lot of importance. As the end of the lesson we asked her to offer a closing prayer as Elder Uceda had challenged us to do. We then followed up by asking if we could kneel and she replied with a "Of course!!" which was really awesome. She also has a little puppy that was running around during the lesson. That ended our night well!
On Wednesday we traveled to Tifton for a follow-up Podiatrist appointment. The result is that I am clear. My toes are doing what they should be doing which is a major relief for me. We then drove the 3 hours back to Phenix City, passing through Albany to do so. It's like I was just there or something... We then had supper at the Worthington's and Book of Mormon class to finish off the night.

The next day, after RMT, we met up with the other Elders, had lunch, and went with them to a lesson with their investigator Bonnie, who will be baptized this Saturday! The lesson was great and the Spirit testified to her of the things she has both felt and read. We also visited with Brother and Sister Newsome. After splitting, we had a good lesson with Stan on keeping the Word of Wisdom. After our discussion we asked him to pray, but he started to defer to us but we followed Elder Uceda's counsel to remain firm in those moments as Stan then offered a heartfelt prayer. A very good day for sure!

A lot of Friday was spent weekly planning and cleaning the Church in anticipation of the Sisters' investigator's baptism. 
Saturday morning we helped Bro. Bush and the other Elders do some yard work for a Sister in the Ward. My sneezing and sinuses certainly were not helpful during and after. Bro. Bush, before dropping us off sent us with some chicken noodle soup to eat that would help. It certainly did help and he instructed me to rest a little which I hadn't been doing... Oh well. What can I say, I'm stubborn. That evening was the Baptism and Bug performed the ordinance for Rebel, the investigator, now convert. The room was packed as well! On our way home I got some spicy food from Taco Bell to help clear me out. 
Church was great yesterday and we had another great lesson with Olivia. We also brought the sacrament to the Otts. We also visited with the Newsomes and they gave us ice cream and cake which was good! Our lesson with Olivia went very well and she had read part of her assignment which was great. She starting to make some progress as well as gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon. 
This week was a solid week with a lot of credit to Zone Conference with Elder Uceda which still has me invigorated. I am really excited to find out why exactly I was sent back and I kinda feel like Gandalf in the Two Towers; "I have been sent back, until my task is done". 
Have a good week y'all!
Elder Alexander Kestner