Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Sweet Home Alabama!

Transfer meeting! PCO Sister Dunagan
 Dear Friends and Family,
Well, this week has been a long and interesting one. A lot of anticipation for Transfers and working with our list of referrals. Let's jump in and I apologize if it's a wee bit skimpy...
On Monday we went up with Bro. Hall to the Sizemore's and fished for a while. Elder Bingham hooked a good sized Carp, but it got away. We then had a delicious supper of homemade fried chicken and Krispy Kreme donuts for dessert.
On Tuesday we went to contact a referral we had gotten a hold of the night before. His name is Marsella. Before we met with him, my tire started going flat, so we took it to the bike shop. While it was being repaired, we walked and talked with another referral, Pierre, who happens to be related to Marsella(they are both from Haiti). We had a good, but brief discussion with Pierre and invited him to come to church and read from the Book of Mormon. We then walked the mile and a half to Marsella's. As it turns out, he holds a small worship service in an apartment. He is only 18. He told us he has sought us out. He went onto lds.org and read up on our beliefs and he said our church had the most truth. He also said he would be willing to leave the church he led to join the Church. We committed him to Baptism right then and there. He is only 18 and very mature for his age. The Lord has truly prepared him. It seemed too good to be true. Surely the Lord prepares the hearts of his chosen people.
On Wednesday we went to Tifton and I got my toes worked on as I mentioned last week. They're doing great now as a matter of fact. No pain at all!
On Thursday I went on exchanges with Elder Bingham. We went out to Dawson and met with a 104-year old woman named Grace. She is really sweet and still so energetic! On our way back to Albany we stopped at a place called Mark's Melon Patch. There I got a Peach-Vanilla Swirl ice cream which tasted like Peach Cobbler with vanilla ice cream. Oh it was so good!
Peach Cobbler Ice Cream, of course!
While on exchanges, Elder Major and Elder Oldroyd put Marsella on date for October 8th! Awesome!

Friday went by quickly and nerves started acting up this close to Transfers. 
On Saturday, we had sports at the Church and Bro. Spiers helped me with getting my rear shift cable replaced and functioning. Before he got there, he totaled his truck. Let's just say he is lucky to have walked away from it. We then went with him and did service for him by cutting the grass... Well, Elder Oldroyd did. My service was grilling for everyone and it is certainly up to par now. Watch out Dad! We had a great evening with the Spiers, the other Elders, and the Sisters. We had Ward Correlation and went home for Transfer calls. Well, my name was called to pack up. I honestly saw it coming since I was there for 4 Transfers. 
The next two days were spent saying good bye and contemplating where I would be going next.
Sister Oldham

Brother Cartmell (Redneck Dad)

Earlier today, I was assigned to Elder Buckley and I asked him where we were going. He said "Phenix City!" Oh the joy that filled my soul... MY FIRST AREA!!! I am still in shock and Josten Cornett, who drove us was in shock.

With the Cornetts again headed to Phenix City, AL 
Boy I am on cloud nine!

Well, have a good week y'all as I am back in Sweet Home Alabama!
Elder Alexander Kestner