Monday, November 28, 2016

Smoked Turkey & Transfers

The Goertzen's new Husky Puppy
Dear Family and Friends,

Well, the last week of the Transfer had gone by and I am staying in Phenix City for another Transfer which will last through Christmas! 

On Monday, we were driving out of Wal-Mart and we saw a homeless guy on the side of the road. Now, we had a a few dollars given to us by a member. We decided he needed it more. Elder Glenn rolled the window down and called him over. He gave him the money and we offered him a Bible. We then pulled into a parking spot and talked to him for a little bit. His story touched all of us, and he told us his name was Johnathon. Elder Buckley and Elder Glenn suddenly offered him one of their socks. He was a little taken back, but he humbly accepted. He also accepted a Book of Mormon and we left him with a word of prayer. A very sobering experience for me, personally. Later that day, we were able to meet up with a potential investigator, Georgia, from Jamaica. A fairly interesting day...

On Tuesday, we had District Meeting and the Zone Leaders joined us as well. After getting dropped off, we biked down and talked with Wesley for a little bit. We then tried the Rivers without much luck. We then tracted their street and met a 94 year-old Jehovah's Witness. She was nice, but not interested. The next house we approached, some lady popped out from the side door and angrily asked us what we were doing. we of course said we were sharing a special message about Christ. She then said angrily "Not interested". That was kinda weird for both of us, but we shrugged it off. A little later, we were able to follow-up with Stan. He's doing a little better, which is good. We're really hoping to get him a sold date for Baptism this week. We then delayed supper to meet with Sis. Stevens. We then nearly froze biking back to our apartment. It was pitch black and not even 7 pm! After a well-deserved meal, we went out to contact some less-actives nearby, without too much luck. We were in our sweaters by this point as well. We were able to, however, contact a promising referral, or rather, her husband. We delivered the Bible they requested and he accepted a Book of Mormon. Not a bad night!

The next day we did some service for the Otts for a few hours. We later met with Bro. Bush to introduce the new method of introducing the Book of Mormon. It went well. We then had supper with Sis. Brewer, and visited the Owens to finish the night. We watched a film illustrating the life of Joseph Smith and his vital role of the Restoration. 

Thursday morning, Dustin McClure picked us up and we played football for a few hours. I was switching between Tight End and O-Line and DB on Defense. It was a very good turn out. The Woods, Clarks, all four Elders, Bro. McClure, and Bug were there. Man, Bug had my number all game! He's in his 50's and he's keeping all of us on our toes! After getting back, we changed, showered, and studied. Ft. Mitchell came over and Bro. Goertzen then took us to their place for a Thanksgiving feast. It was all so delicious as we chowed down on smoked turkey! We were all pretty sore from all of the football we played that day!

Friday,we weekly planned, had a good lesson with Brad and Teresa along with Bro. Bush. we then tried some street contacting and visiting some less-actives. A relatively uneventful evening, but I was still paying for the football from the day before. 

Saturday went by quickly. On our way down Summerville, some guys in a car began cussing up a storm at us. One of them even threw a nearly full bottle of Sprite. He missed of course. I kinda felt like Samuel the Lamanite on the wall preaching. It didn't really phase us much. We were able to teach Jimmy the Book of Mormon using the new method minus the visual aid. It went very well and he wants to find out for himself. We later visited Greg and Melissa and introduced the Christmas Initiative that the Church is putting on. We then visited the 'other' McClures and check up on them. We then biked home to get picked up by Bro. Whitmore for supper. On our way through the parking lot, my chain snapped! I was not a happy camper then! We had a a great meal with the Whitmores, we then met Bro. Bush at Stan and Nikki's but the house was dark. Maybe they were out watching the Iron Bowl? Roll Tide Roll!! Bro. Bush then dropped us off and we then got picked up by Ft. Mitchell and visited with Sis. Hearn before going back for Transfer calls. It was shocking to me that I 'm staying another Transfer when I was near certain I was leaving. The Lord has something else in mind for me to do here still. Elder Buckley, however, is getting Transferred. No one else in the District is either. 
Pecan Pie
Sunday, after Church was spent with Elder Buckley saying goodbye and getting pictures. It was a pretty fast-paced weekend!

Well, this Transfer is certain to be filled with surprises with Christmas and a new companion! 

Have a good week y'all!

Elder Alexander Kestner

PS. Check out #LIGHTtheWORLD on to make this Christmas season even more meaningful. 
Elder Buckley in truck