Monday, November 14, 2016

Special Witnesses of Christ

A beautiful Georgia Peach Sunset
Dear Friends and Family,

This week has certainly flown by and a few things in particular occurred this week.

On Monday, we played football at the church with all 6 of us in preparation of the Turkey Bowl, Thanksgiving morning. We then had supper with the Longerbeams. As Bro. Longerbeam was taking us home, we found a bird sitting precariously on the road. It was really weird and kinda eerie looking. I'm glad I got a picture of it. We later pulled over and used his high-powered binoculars and searched the clear night we had. We were able to see the craters on the moon in spite of the lights coming from Columbus. We talked for a while, contemplating what we were seeing. That was our night. 
A weird bird

Tuesday morning we tried visiting a few potentials and formers without much luck. We were able to talk to Savoy briefly and he referred his neighbor to us as he came out of his house. We did that immediately but he wasn't too interested. He told us he was born in Germany and his accent certainly proved that. Savoy made mention of the Election and we went on our way back to have our lunch break. Ft. Mitchell came by later and picked us up so we could help them teach a particularly difficult lesson in a somewhat hazardous environment. That lesson ended up falling through anyways. We then tried Connie Eiland, a relative of Bug's. We then got dropped off on Sandfort Rd and we biked to the people we had planned to see. Most of the people weren't there and my chain was still giving me grief. We were able to see Sis. Stevens for a while and she gave us some delicious, home-made strawberry lemonade. We then biked home for supper. Our evening for the most part fell through but we were able to visit with Sis. Morgan and she gave us three bags of Ramen. After we dropped off the bags, we were biking out of our complex and some teenage/college looking guys called out "Why you going out this time of the night?" as we just rode past them. We had places to be and people to see! We then visited Sis. Hearn. We knocked on her door and rang the doorbell. About to go to Plan B, we checked the garage and her car wasn't there. Right as we were about leave, we saw a pair of headlights coming down the street. Elder Buckley said "Watch, that will be Sis. Hearn". Sure enough, it was! PERFECT TIMING on both parts! It was a good way to end the day. It was quite cool to boot.
Bubba, the American Bull Dog (across from Sister Stevens house)

Wednesday went by fast, but in the morning we walked down to the library for RMT. Ft. Mitchell then gave us a ride back for lunch. A little later, Carlos picked us up and took us over to Columbus to get our bikes looked at. One of the owners rode mine to figure out what was wrong and found that my front middle gear was completely worn down. He then replaced it. FOR FREE!! He also replaced the rear cassette gears. Now my bike is basically like new! It came to $34.56 for everything. A very good deal, considering it could have been a lot more. I was very grateful! Elder Buckley left his bike to get worked on. On our way back, Carlos got us some very good Frozen yogurt. After getting dropped off, we walked to meet Ft. Mitchell at CVS, trying to street contact on the way. We then met them and met Sis. Brewer and the Sisters at waffle House. One of the servers reminded me of one of my friends, Montana, at ISU. We then finished the night at Book of Mormon class. 
The speed limit in Sister Hearns neighborhood

Thursday was mostly spent in Auburn for ZTM. The training given really resonated with me, inspiring me to make my last few months richer. The AP's came to the meeting as well to go on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. Our Zone Leaders are now Elder Walker and Elder Allen, the latter from Pocatello! We also had supper with the Creech's that evening. It was getting a little late, but we decided to visit some investigators who lived in the area. None of them were home and we were startled by two dogs, one of them with eyes glowing in the dark. Kinda creepy. No one was out and it was kinda chilly. Bro. Creech a little later picked us up and took us home. 

On Friday we weekly planned and also planned extensively for lessons with Brad and Teresa and the Owens. The ZL's stopped by on their way back from exchanges to say hi and use our bathroom. Bro. Bush came with us to teach Brad and Teresa and it went very well. Later that day, Sis. Rowe dropped off some El Vaquero for our supper and it was very good! We then had our lessons with the Owens and watched the "Special Witnesses of Christ" DVD and asked them the importance of having modern day Prophets and Apostles. The lesson went very well and it does stir the soul to wonder that our Heavenly Father still reaches out to us by sending Prophets. Amos tells us "Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets". We are truly blessed to have a modern Moses or Elijah in our day. It is evidence of a loving Heavenly Father reach out to His children in the latter days. 

Saturday was spent primarily helping the Creech's install metal roofing. It was a beautiful, breezy, cool day. We got home around mid-afternoon utterly spent. Bro. Whitmore picked us up for supper and we had a good time. We were also priviledged to help give their kids a blessing since they weren't feeling too well. It was a very long and very tiring day for both of us. 

Sunday after church we had lunch at the Eiland's home. We then visited with Sis. Brewer for a while. We then had supper with AJ and Malory Hussey. It was a very fun time! After eating and aJ showing us some card tricks, we dropped in on the Ashcrafts, changed a precariosuly positioed lightbulb on the ceiling, above the stairs. Sis. Ashcraft mentioned that she was going to get it fixed when Bro. Ashcraft got back from Africa. It was more than coincidence. We then finished the night with Rebel, who was baptized about a month ago. He showed us his knife collection as well which was very cool! 

Man, this Transfer is cruising right along and it is already Week 5! Well, this week is going to be great with Zone Conference and Interviews. 

I almost forgot to mentiothat I will be starting the D & C Challenge tomorrow (Tuesday). I will be reading a section a day my last 138 days in the field. I would like to invite you to do this challenge with me. I will be starting in Section 1 of the Doctrine & Covenants. 

Have a good week y'all!

Elder Alexander Kestner