Monday, October 26, 2015

A lot of crazy things happening!!

Dear Family & Friends,

This week was a weird week full of success. 

On Thursday, our car broke down. We were not too happy about it. We guessed that the car would be in the shop for several weeks. What we didn't expect is what happened later on Thursday...

Later that day we were able to have 3 lessons with a member present at each! 

When the car broke down that morning, Elder Palmer and I swiftly rode our bikes the 2 miles to the other elder's apartment to get them a bike to use since Elder Palmer's bike is in the shop and he was using Elder Bartholomew's bike. We get to their place and Brother Griswold met us there to pick us up and give the car a jump; which was stranded at the nearby high school track. We get a ride with Brother Griswold and we are able to get to the car. We get it going and we go with Brother Griswold to go help him with his garden and lawn. The other two Elders went to Macon and got the car in the shop. At around 3:30, we were done and Brother Griswold dropped us off at our apartment. We didn't have time to shower, but we got dressed into pros and walked quickly to the church for our 2nd member present lesson that day. We had an awesome lesson and the Spirit was burning during the whole lesson. The lesson was with Bobby, the boyfriend of Bishop's returned-missionary daughter.  Afterwards, they then dropped us off at the other Elder's place to get my bike and hopefully Elder Bartholomew's bike. At the time I wasn't too happy of Elder Palmer's insistence of going there instead of going down to the apartment of Evelyn, our next appointment, which was on the opposite end of town. We came to find that Elder Bartholomew and Elder Rodriguez were not at their apartment and only my bike was there. So, we left in haste with me on my bike and Elder Palmer running. We get to the main road when we run into the other Elders and it took some insistence from myself and Elder Bartholomew to borrow Elder Bartholomew's bike and get to the appointment as quickly as possible. We got there 10 minutes late. As soon as we rode into the apartment complex, we received a text from Evelyn, the investigator telling us she got stuck in the office of that very apartment complex by one of her bosses. A little deflated we went back up the hill to the main part of town. There we decided to get shaved ice/ice cream at a little stand like the ones they had at N.O.P park back in Pocatello. Rejuvenated, we bike home for dinner. 

A lot of crazy things happened on Thursday and we saw much success the next day too where we had 6 new investigators! We did not have a lazy day at all this week. 

Back to Wednesday,.. after ward correlation, Brother England, the then Ward Mission Leader, treated us at Brickhouse. I had a delicious bacon cheeseburger and sweet potato fries. It was so good and tasty. I highly recommend it, and it also brought my appetite back since I was not feeling well from the Indian food Sunday night. 

We found out this morning that the car is ready to be picked up in Macon and we will have the car this week! 

I just got off the phone with Brother England, who was released as WML and put on the High Council, and he is treating us to pizza at Chevy's Pizza nearby. The Pizza is great there. Bro. England likes feeding us out of the blue. He's taken us to Chevy's Pizza, Brickhouse, and a Mexican Restaurant called Agave Azul. The members spoil us here. haha. We are on bikes, but we'll make the trip to meet him for lunch. 

It seems like just around the corner when we will be able to Skype for Christmas. I am sure excited for it. Mother's Day seems like a lifetime ago...I will take some more pictures and  I will be updating my profile weekly from now on.

Love you mom!

Your son,
Elder Alexander Kestner