Monday, October 19, 2015


The Missionaries were the most important part of the Emergency Expo on Tuesday October 17th. They reminded us all to be spiritually prepared in all things. -Sister Eadie
Dear Family & Friends,

This last week was good. The weather is cooling off and I am grateful for it. Being from Idaho, I do not like this Georgia heat. The trees are turning red and brown as we speed through October. September and October have gone by so fast! I love feeling that crispy air when we go home at night. Two things I am looking forward to as Fall continues; Skyping home and egg nog!

This week was a long one. We worked hard and met many of our goals that we set during weekly planning. We met some of our potential investigators and a few of them are starting to pan out. One of them is Melissa. We first met her when we were biking past here house when she called out "Missionaries!" We promptly turned around and introduced ourselves. She told us that she sees us all the time at her work. She is a manager at Little Caesar's in Milledgville, GA. The reason to that is that there are members in Macon and around Augusta that will give missionaries free food if they come into their stores. I took advantage of that when I was in Thomson and last Tuesday when we had District Meeting in Milledgville. Anyway, we talked to her and she would like us to come back by to talk. We tried a couple times a week after that but couldn't meet with her until lat this last week. We had a great porch lesson on the Book of Mormon. We read with her the Introduction page and she said it makes sense. She then told us that what she has heard about our church makes the most sense to her. She had an issue with her Baptist church passing the tithing tray around and then again when the pastor didn't see enough money in there. She likes how we pay our tithing. The Spirit was there and we saw it confirm to her that what we taught her is true. When my companion and I got back in the car, we were excited about how ready she is to hear the Gospel. We have an appointment with her this evening. 

Another potential that we met up with is Reese. Reese was a music major and football player. My kind of guy! When we knocked on his door the first time, he came out and started talking to us about Christ and that he has seen us ride our bikes all the time. He told us his dad is a pastor up in Atlanta and that he loves talking about Christ with people. We left him with a pamphlet of The Restoration. We met up with him briefly this last week. He told us he had looked over the pamphlet briefly and he liked what he saw. We also have an appointment with him this evening.

My emails may seem skimpy at times, but I learn something or experience new things each week. One thing I experienced yesterday was Indian food. The members, the Weyands, who fed us,were amazing. Sister Weyand is from Trinidad. Later in the day after seeing some less-actives with Brother Griswold, we went back home. Let's just say that neither myself nor my companion felt too good. Elder Palmer had been sick anyway with the flu. The food was good but did not quite sit well with me nor does it even now as I type. 

I see better weeks ahead in this area. I hope and pray for a long  stay here in Gray at least through Christmas. The Eadie's (ward mission leaders) and Sister Tillman have been looking out for us and are so willing to help us out. I feel so blessed to be in this area with these wonderful people I am growing to love. 

This area hasn't had a baptism in 3 years. That was when Brother Griswold got baptized. Brother Griswold is a chiropractor and gives us adjustments when we come in, free of charge. We also go to his home and help him with his garden. After working, he and his wife will feed us lunch. He then will go get fresh milk from one of his clients and he gives us a gallon. That is some good milk!

A member just came into the library and will take us to lunch when we are done. I just love it here!

Thank you for everything . 

Love you mom, and have a great week!

Love, your son,

Elder Alexander Kestner