Monday, November 16, 2015

Life in the Savannah East Zone

4th transfer & 5th companion, Elder Kobbah
Dear Family & Friends,

Well Transfers are over and I have been assigned to Rincon, GA, just northwest of Savannah. the Ward is great and I feel very hopeful about this area. This is the same area that Elder Wells and Elder Sutton have served in previously. I am with Elder Kobbah, from San Antonio, Texas. He is 20 months out and this is his 2nd Transfer in Rincon

Most of this week was filled with me being introduced to the Ward and investigators. an older couple, the Roark's. They are a sweet couple in their mid to late 80s. We visited them a few times last week because they love having us over and sharing a Spiritual thought with them. They can't come to church as often as they would like due to health, but Sister Roark tries to go as often as she is able and to at least pay her tithing. They are really sweet and their door is always open to us coming by for a short while. Before we leave, Sister Roark always asks us if we want to take a drink and a snack with us haha. I love them.

On Wednesday, we traveled to spend the night with the Zone Leaders in Savannah as to avoid the rush of getting to ZTM on time. We left Savannah at 7:30, Thursday morning and traveled for almost an hour to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. We had a good a ZTM that lasted to about 2 pm. We then went to go get lunch. We stopped at a place called Fiesta Fresh in Hilton Head. I of course, got nachos. Can you blame me? After an hour and a half for lunch, we drove the hour back to Savannah, picked up our car at the ZL's apartment and got caught in traffic at around 5. It took us nearly an hour to get home in that traffic. We all know that Portland traffic can delay so much longer than an hour. By the time we got back to Rincon it was 6:15 and well after dark. We went immediately to the home of the Fernandez family for dinner. As it turns out, Brother Fernandez is a bit of a history buff that was influenced by his service in the Navy and Army. It was refreshing to discuss such historical events such as WWI and the Gulf War, etc. After a long day on the road, we stopped at the Roark's for a few minutes and finally got back home, planned for the next day, and crashed. 

Yesterday, we went on splits with two Priests in the Ward. I went with Nathan and Elder Kobbah went with Josh Fernandez. Nathan and I tracted a street and found some potential investigators. We taught a few door step lessons and handed out Restoration pamphlets. As we got to the end of the street, we met two boys about 13 years old playing catch with a football. We decided to stop and play with them for a few minutes. As it turns out, one of the boys is a Seahawks fan! Woohoo! We then got their information and we look forward to sharing the message of the Restoration with their families.

 For only being here since Tuesday, it has been a long week. Every 1st week of every Transfer always goes slowly. I am excited to serve here in Rincon and preach and teach the gospel to all who will listen. Have a great week every body and God Bless!


Elder Alexander Kestner