Monday, November 9, 2015

Onto Transfer #4..A willing heart & a positive attitude

Dear Family,

This week went by really quick. The weather is cooling off quite drastically. I actually busted out a long sleeve white shirt today. This may be the 2nd time I've worn it. 

Anyway, we were pretty busy this week. We had a few appointments with which members came with us. One of those appointments was with Scott F. Scott has been investigating the church for around 13 years now and is in his late 60s, early 70s. He claims this as his church and pops in every once and a while. Whenever we visit, the Spirit is strong. This last visit with him we had Bishop Floyd with us. Bishop Floyd is very knowledgeable of the Gospel and is really in tune with the Spirit. Every time we visit, Scott asks us questions that most people usually don't such as the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible, Authority, and how the Church runs in comparison to other churches. From what we could tell, his only holdup from getting Baptized is that he drinks coffee. He used to drink 2 pots a day. But since he's been meeting with members and missionaries, he had brought it down to one cup in the morning. That is it. He has shown that he can give things up to follow Jesus Christ. Bishop Floyd has said that Scott has walked into church in a suit and everyone thought that he was a member. He is so close to Baptism, he just needs to commit.

As y'all have probably heard, I am getting transferred out of Gray. I was only here 6 weeks and I am pretty bummed out right now. This area is absolutely incredible with great investigators and members that look out for us and feed us pretty often and at times out of the blue. In addition to my leaving, my companion, Elder Palmer, is as well. In other words, they are white washing part of Gray. Elder Palmer has also been asked to train a new missionary. He has been out for only 4 and a half months. I wish him luck. I did not quite anticipate going into my 4th Area so soon, but I recognize that President Cottle has been called to preside over this part of the Lord's vineyard and he receives inspiration as to where he needs each missionary to serve. The next time you hear from me will be in my new area.

On Saturday, we helped out at a community event at the Civic Center honoring Veterans at the request of Brother Eadie, who is a Marine Corps Veteran. I was asked to go around on a golf cart to assist anyone in the parking lot to the building and did that most of the day. We, as missionaries were exposed to the public and many recognized us as Mormons and missionaries. When the event ended, we were all very tired. Saturday was quite busy and we worked hard. 
Had a blast being the shuttle driver for the Veteran's 
Gray, GA Veteran's Celebration
I have learned very quickly that the best thing you can have while on a mission is a willing heart and a positive attitude. If those two are there, everything else falls into place. Through this Transfer I have had to rely heavily on the Lord through prayer and scripture study to get me through the yuck of dealing with a demanding companion and other missionaries that don't quite get me. The latter is okay, not everyone is going to understand how I do things. 

This Transfer may have been the toughest one thus far. I have hope that I will have companions like Elder Thornton who gets me and who I can get along with. Those who have been on missions in my family understand this. Missionary life isn't easy, in fact it is the hardest thing I have had to do, but it is so worth it if I am just willing to do what is asked of me and teach & preach the Gospel to the people in Georgia. 

 Thanks y'all for all of the prayers of love and support you send my way. I hope that each of you finds peace as I have through the sacrifice and Atonement of our Savior, Jesus Christ. God Bless!

Elder Alexander Kestner