Monday, November 23, 2015

A long and Difficult Week

Dear Family,
This weekly email will be a little different. I do not want any of this on the Blog. So, here it goes.
First off, I am no longer in Rincon and Elder Kobbah is no longer my companion. I feel like I need to update y'all on the events of last week. 
Last Monday, after P-Day, we were going about our evening. After the last stop, we were on our way back, when Elder Kobbah said, "We need to hurry and pack so we can get to Savannah tonight to stay with the ZL's". I ask why do we have to stay in Savannah the day before every meeting we have in Savannah. He shot down my question with something snarky. I stayed quiet just trying to bring the Spirit back as Elder Kobbah played his unapproved music in the car. We get back to the apartment and gathering some courage and I said "Elder, you shouldn't be doing things that are against mission rules". He replied in mocking, and the Spirit left the room immediately. I said, summoning what courage I had left, "Elder, we have been set apart missionaries and we need to act as such". He responded with more mocking and laughing. Not wanting to say anything more and Elder Kobbah proving my point, I stay quiet all the way to Savannah. The entire drive there Elder Kobbah has his music turned up way too loud. I said numerous prayers all the way there. We get there and I mention to one of the zone Leaders, Elder Bingham, that we are having problems. The next day, I go on exchanges after District Meeting with Elder Weigle and explain the situation so far. We go through the day answering questions so that Elder Weigle can get a better picture of the situation. That night, Elder Weigle counsels me to call President Cottle to seek his counsel. I told President Cottle what was going on and my suspicions concerning Elder Kobbah. He asked me to talk to Elder Kobbah about it as well as informing Elder Kobbah that he needs to turn in his iPod touch which is not allowed. 
On to Wednesday. we exchange back and Elder Kobbah and I don't say too much, like usual. That morning at least, he wasn't blasting his music. Through the day, the ZL's called to check up on me. As we got into the evening, Elder Kobbah starts playing his music again. I asked 3 times if we could listen to something else. He, of course ignored me on every attempt to bring the Spirit back between us. As we got out of the car to visit someone, Elder Kobbah accused me of slamming the door, which I wasn't. He told me to change my attitude in a snarky manner. I told him again that I don't like the music he is playing. The last song that was playing was a Christian rock band singoing about Jesus but was way too heavy. Elder Kobbah asked, "Do you know what that song is about?'' I replied, "It doesn't matter, I don't like it." Things were starting to get intense...
We get back to the apartment and go over our day and make plans for Thursday. After that, I said "We need to talk". He said, " You know Elder, you are really starting to piss me off". Using his own words. I told him that President knows about his music and his iPod and how things are. He said he doesn't care and got up in my face. I told him that President Cottle is going to get a phone call from one of us and Elder Kobbah needs to decide who. He starting saying, "What are you going to do about it? Huh, what are you going to do big man. Stand up!" I stay sat down, not wanting to sink to his level. I try to remain calm and not look him in the eyes. Inside, I was terrified. Suddenly, he flipped my chair, with me in it. I stand back and he kept tapping me in the chest. I grabbed the phone in an attempt to call the Zone Leaders. he said '' Go ahead, make the call ". Now outside, the first attempt to call the ZL's goes to voice mail. I then walk over to the Kirkland's, member neighbors door. Before I get over there, Elder Kobbah, now back outside, pushes me hard with my back turned. He then snatches the phone and goes back in the apartment and tells me to stay outside. Not having any of this, I go into the apartment quickly and grabbed my planner, which had the ZL's and President Cottle's  numbers in it. I had written them down the night before in the even something like this happened. I go back outside and knock on the Kirkland's door and ask if I can come in. I go in and I immediately break down. I was then able to call President Cottle on their phone and explain the situation. I was there from about 9:30 to about 11. The first phone call to President Cottle, he told me that he will makes some calls to find a solution quickly. The Kirkland's really helped me through the whole thing. I may be sounding like a total wimp, but I was so distraught by Elder Kobbah's lack of sympathy. The Zone Leaders get to the apartment and stay with us. Elder Kobbah is still mad, so I and Elder Bingham sleep on the twin couch recliners. The next morning President Cottle calls us. Prior to that, the ZL's asked for all of us to give an account of what happened. Elder Weigle gives his and then I give mine. During my take on the whole event the night before, Elder Kobbah kept insulting me and giving me a stare that I actively avoided. The decision at the end of it all by President Cottle is that he will do an Emergency Transfer as a precaution from it happening again. So, I was put with Elder Bingham in Savannah and Elder Kobbah is with Elder Weigle in Rincon. They will be whitewashing Rincon to protect the Ward and the Mission from any fallout effects. 
Naturally, word is spreading and the whole of the Savannah East Zone now knows what happened. I feel like this whole thing is preparatory to something else. I want to continue from this with my head up because I know I did nothing wrong. The latter part of the week felt like a blur. But I know that the Lord is looking out for me as I strive to do what is right and to be as obedient as I can. I have seen that blessings flow from obedience to the commandments and guidelines of the Mission. This was my little spiel on this week. I will try to get a better email for this week ready next Monday. Love you all and have a Happy Thanksgiving. Ben, eat a turkey leg for me!

Elder Alexander Kestner