Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Double Digits and Stayin' in SC!

Dear Family & Friends,

To start, Saturday at 9 pm, we had our Transfer Conference call. Elder Jordan and I are very glad to hear that neither of us will be Transferring out. We both surely thought that Elder Jordan would transfer out and I would stay. But this worked out perfectly! Another note, my previous companion, Elder Bingham, just made AP (Assistant to the President). A very good Transfer call in my book. It is the first time in nearly 6 months that I have not had to pack! Which is most definitely a positive thing! Another great thing is that I can really get to know the area better and continue to work with our investigators more. 

Last Monday, after emailing, we had lunch with one of my investigators from Thomson, Becky! Also known as Grandma to over 2 dozen missionaries. She treated us to Hardee's and it was very good visit with her. I have a Mission Mom (Sis. Howells) and I also have a Mission Grandma (Becky). I just love the people that I come into contact with!

As most of y'all know I am at 10 months today! Double digits! It is indeed a reminder that time slows for no one, even missionaries, but that makes the time I have precious and memorable.

 On Thursday, we helped a member, Bro. Berry, move his retired Methodist Minister friend move. We helped from about 1pm to 5pm. We were only able to load one U-Haul van, but we got a lot accomplished. After unloading the van at their new house, they invited us to dinner. Bro. Berry had to leave to get home to his wife, but said we should have dinner with them. We did. They treated us to Waffle House and we had a very pleasant Gospel Discussion. They asked us questions about why we're serving a mission and what some of the guidelines are and such. After eating, and by the way, I had my first taste of Grits. It was pretty tasty, especially with butter, salt, and pepper. After parting we went back home and showered up.

Last night, we were invited over to the Plocha's for dinner. This was different because Elder Jordan and I made it. We had Chicken fried Steak on a Waffle with gravy. Delicious! I made the waffles and I just might have to challenge my dad to a waffle making contest when I get home.

It was a good week that definitely brought me to think about the upcoming Transfer, the resolution of where I would be, is a weight off my shoulders. It has been warming up slowly over the last few days but does get cold at night. I probably won't wear my jacket today due to weather.

It has been a good week and I am very hopeful for this new Transfer. I long to make it last and to work my hardest.

Have a good week y'all!

Elder Alexander Kestner