Monday, May 23, 2016

Cooking with the Cartmell's, Interesting Beverages & Awkward Moments

Studying at Wednesday's Book of Mormon class
Dear Family and Friends,

This was another long week! We had a lot going on, so let's get started!

Monday didn't feel much like a P-Day. We went out briefly with Bro. Anderson after emailing and lunch. He took us to Walmart but we had to make it quick since he had to make a delivery to Thomasville, which is outside the Mission boundaries. We then shortly after getting home had to bike out to our dinner appointment with a less-active couple, the Marshalls. We biked the 4 and a half miles out there and had a great meal with them and a good visit too. That was basically our day..

Reunited with Elder Thornton!!
 Tuesday was zone Conference in Tifton. Bro. Clark gave us a ride and picked us up from it. The Conference, which included both Tifton Zones. In addition to the training by the Mission Presidency and the installation of a system to track the driving of missionaries in each Mission car. I'm glad I don't have to worry about that since we bike! We also got new phones since the Missionary Department changed contracts. I also got to meet up with a previous companion...Elder Thornton! 

Wednesday, we had referral management time this morning and we had a lesson with Enoch. We got through some of the Baptismal Interview Questions to prep him for his eventual interview with Elder Mahan, the District Leader. What we covered, there were no objections on his part. We later had a Book of Mormon class and Chris took us home.

Thursday was interesting. We tracted a little that morning with minimal success. We went back, had lunch, and visited with Mary. We then dropped by Cassandra's and she asked us to come back later. Ralph then picks us up and we go see Sis. Oldham. We then come back for Supper, eat, and walk to Cassandra's. Almost at her house, she rolls up and said she has to run to the store. We then tried Ricky, who lives nearby, but he was busy too.we then went back and grabbed our bikes and headed to the neighborhood next to the library to see some potentials. Biking past a particular house, a woman calls out "Hello!" and we promptly turn around. We quickly realized it was Mama Pat, who we met a few weeks back. We had a good visit with her and it was pretty hard to understand her. Right as we started to chat, she gave us something really strange to drink. Water with honey... It was a very odd taste, but we drank it anyway. It gave me a ''rumbly in my tumbly''. She then sent us away with V8. as we got back to our apartment and we opened up the cans of V8. The first words to come out of both of our mouths were ''salty tomato soup''. The Sisters came over and tasted it too. We then dumped it. Nasty...

Friday we Weekly Planned for most of the day. In the evening, Chris called us up and asked if we had dinner plans. We didn't. He picked us up an hour later. We get to his house and we help clear his carport (we're now in service clothes). After that he threw some halved chickens on a charcoal grill. It started smelling good up on in there! We then visited for a bit while it cooked and Chris fried some tator tots. YUM! We ate the delicious food and his dogs, like mine, were begging for a scrap. After eating that, we busted out the Peach Cobbler Felicia, Chris' wife, made. And it was DELICIOUS! 

Saturday was a quick day. We had sports that morning with Enoch, Tamerat, and the Sisters and we played chair soccer. Members came later towards the end and made it even more interesting. After chair soccer and showering/changing, we went to our appointment with Enoch. We finished the Baptismal Interview questions and went over the organization and leadership of the Church. A good discussion! Walking out of his house, some older guy walked up to us and somewhat rudely asked for us to help him. We said okay and after Enoch, I guess asked him not to take advantage of us helping him. We walk with him over to a ghetto convenience store and get him some honey buns and and a watermelon Arizona. We got it to him and thanked us and parted. A little awkward.. On the way over, Elder Callison noticed he had a flat tire. We fixed it up somewhat and biked down the street but we had to stop at a FamilyDollar to grab a few things and we were later picked up by Ralph since Elder Callison's bike was out of commission. we ended the night at the Spiers with dinner and Ward Correlation. 

Enoch came to Church on Sunday! We had a meeting with Sis. Ross to get the meal calendar straightened out, which it really was not resolved. 

A long week, but a good one at that. I am anxious for this upcoming week. Have a good one y'all!!

Elder Alexander Kestner