Monday, May 2, 2016

Into the Heat & Staying in Albany

Taco Bell Burning Down
Cookin' Bacon

Dear Family and Friends,
On Saturday night, we had our usual Transfer calls. As a result, I am staying here in Albany, but Elder Anderson will be moving on. I have really enjoyed serving with him. Now that I am staying in the area, I am grateful that I don't have to pack. That is usually the hardest thing I go through when I get Transferred, but oh well. Let's look at the awesome week we had!

On Monday, after emailing, we went to Bro. Demings' for lunch. As we were about to cut through an apartment complex, two guys in a truck stopped us and asked if we could talk. We obliged and he parked his truck. He informed us that he had seen us biking all over and had wanted to know why we do that. We explained and then he told us of the troubles and guilt over the years. Note, he is 20. We got his information and we biked on. Later that day, when the Moultrie Elders came down, we played Ultimate Frisbee on a field behind our apartment complex. We soon realized that it was hot and humid. Not fun at all. But after we got a little fatigued and our hopes raised as we saw clouds roll in. All 8 of us are walking back and a lady in a car waved at us and we walk over to her. she recognized us, but we didn't recognize her right away. So, we rolled with it. She asked us a variety of questions and we cleared up some misconceptions. She told us of her brother would also be interested in learning. She also asked for a Book of Mormon which we always love to hear. We came back a copy and talked to her, Rachel, and her brother, Enoch. An absolutely awesome day. Enoch came to Book of Mormon class on Wednesday night and sports on Saturday. The lessons we were able to have with Enoch were really good. The first one was over what the Book of Mormon is and read the first chapter. The 2nd lesson, the next day was over the Restoration. After both discussions, we always ask to leave with a word of prayer. What caught me off guard was when he asked a follow-up question of ''who will start'' and ''who will end". I was all sorts of confused. One of us prayed and then Enoch continued after we said Amen. OH WELL...

So, I will be in Albany for Mother's Day and we will most likely Skype through Brother Spiers tablet. 
It is hard to believe that this is the last Mother's Day of my mission. Then it will be Christmas and then I'll be home and we will then Skype Ben. It's weird to think about it...

I am going to have to cut this email short due to time, but I hope that y'all have a great week and stay awesome!

Elder Kestner