Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Warmer & Warmer

At the Tolman's making burgers... YUM

The final result

 Dear Family and Friends,
This week went by quickly and it was a tiring week. The days are getting warmer and warmer. which can be difficult when we're all over town on our bikes. This week was fixing to be a very successful week in terms of having lessons and appointments. A lot of those fell through, however, which can be discouraging at times. Despite the lack of many lessons, we had a good week nonetheless. 

In the past few weeks, we have received a lot of media referrals who have requested items ( Bibles, Book of Mormon copies, etc.). We received permission to do two sessions of Referral Management Time (RMT) to keep track of it. Between us and the Sisters, we have well over 150 referrals to contact as soon as possible. Note that not all of them were received recently. On Thursday, we biked to another library that was open in the morning. It was past the church and and about 2.5 miles to get there. After we finished, we went to drop off some sheet music for Bro. Coston a couple miles up the road. We then looped around onto Gillioville Rd and went home for lunch. Four hours into the day and we were already worn out. 

On Friday, Bro. Hall invited us to dinner with his golfing buddy, whose wife had just passed away, yes the same one that Elder Callison played the bagpipes at. We chuckled inside as we pulled into Longhorn steakhouse. Hey, I'm not complaining since I got a Flat-Iron steak. DELICIOUS! Thanks Bro. Hall!

Saturday was a LONG day for Elder Callison and I. We started the day by being picked up by Bishop Tolman, who had breakfast for us, and we went to go help a new family in the Ward move in, the Daniels. After only an hour of unloading a 30 foot trailer, we went with Ralph to help Barney and Bro. Isberg clean the Church. after that we had lunch at Hot Dog King, which was very good! We then went with Ralph again to help Cher, an investigator, with yard work. We essentially cut down a small forest on her property using clippers. There was a lot of vines, bugs, and bush. We helped out until about 5:30, and we ate a little at Taco Bell for supper.

So, since it's Tuesday, I'll give an update about yesterday. Since the library was closed, we were picked up by Bishop Tolman and we went out to his property to help him. We worked for several hours doing things like pulling out weeds around Pecan trees, moving several dozen paver stones, and laying pine straw. At about 2:30, we went in for a late lunch. I offered immediately when Bishop asked who would like to make the hamburger patties. I made them thick and added season salt, garlic salt, and chopped onion. I must say it was delicious! Bishop then gave us a bunch of the leftovers. He then dropped us off at the Isbergs to help them in their yard. We finally got home at 7 completely drained of all energy. 

Well, this week will be one to look forward to and I am optimistic for how it will turn out! Enoch is still doing good as well!

Happy Memorial Day! 
A big thank you to all of the Veterans who have served or are serving!

Have a good week y'all!!

Elder Alexander Kestner