Monday, August 15, 2016

"Who is actually being rejected?

All the Tifton area missionaries with Elder Sitati of the seventy!

Dear Family and Friends,

This week certainly flew by. Let's dive in!

On Monday, after P-Day activities, we helped a new couple move in to the Ward. Bishop Tolman then took the four of us Elders, Ralph, and sis. Tolman to Golden Corral for Supper which made me very grateful.

On Tuesday morning, all 6 of us went to the Fields' home and we helped paint their bathroom and bedroom for a few hours. Later that day Elder and Sister Grigsby came down from Macon to help us move the Sisters into a new apartment while Elders Bingham and Major move into the Sisters' former apartment. We had a good supper with them.

Wednesday came and went. We spent a good chunk of the day moving the Sisters in and helping Chris with some things. We had Book of Mormon class to end the day.

On Thursday morning we went to Tifton for ZTM. Brother Anderson took us and we had a good meeting. We then went to Rachero's afterwards for lunch. We then went on exchanges with Elder Vandertoolen coming with me to Albany. We had a good exchange and got some things done. 

Friday morning we exchanged back in Doerun with Chris taking us. After getting bak, we spent a few hours weekly planning along with companionship inventory. We then started to leave to go do RMT at the library across town. Before we even left the parking lot, we saw a kid running down the street. Taking a closer look, we realized it was a literal wall of rain behind him. We then hauled tail back inside, getting wet how briefly we were caught in it.  We waited for a few minutes until subsided until we only heard thunder. After RMT we came back to pizza and wings provided by Sis. Coston. On the way home, however, Elder Oldroyd's bike tire began to go flat. He spent a while fixing it and realized his wheel was bent as well. What a day!

After sports Saturday morning, we drove to the Fields' and helped them move a gun safe off a trailer. That sucker was heavy! They also had Krispy Kreme and milk for us! YUM! We were still looking to find a ride to Stake Conference that evening. a little while later we secured a ride with the Millerds after having a visit with Tiffany, a referral/potential investigator. We then went to Stake Conference with the Millerds. Presiding at the Conference was Joseph W. Sitati. A quote from him still inspires me and is a great help for all missionaries. The answer to the question was about facing rejection in the Mission Field and members reaching out to their non-member friends. "Who is actually being rejected? When you have been rejected, if you taught by the Spirit, they are rejecting the Holy Ghost and Heavenly Father, not you, so don't take it personally, realize you have planted a seed." Absolutely deep for sure.

The Sunday session was great and Chris took all 4 of us to Tifton. 
After getting back and having lunch, we were out once again contacting some referrals. Elder Oldroyd had the impression to go see a referral/potential we had already tried twice before, never finding her home, though her husband was. We knocked on the door and they were both there. They gave us watermelon and we ended up staying for an hour talking about the Book of Mormon and our basic beliefs. What a miracle it was and they are interested in hearing more!

Though weren't able to teach much we were able to serve others. And that is the most important thing, service. 

God Bless and have a good week y'all!

Elder Alexander Kestner