Monday, August 22, 2016

The difference between the Book of Mormon & the Bible

Me & Elder Sorenson
Dear Family and Friends,

This week started a little different than usual. 
On Monday we stopped by to see Tiffany but she was not available. We then stopped to talk to Ricky for a few minutes and he told us he's been reading the Book of Mormon! We were also able to answer a question he had about the difference between the Book of Mormon and the Bible. after that we talked to Mary for a little. We then tried Rachel, Enoch's sister, but no luck. I then felt impressed that we should see Maquez. We hadn't seen her for quite some time. We were able to talk to her and her son about the Ten Commandments, service, and the Book of Mormon. The day ended on a really good note!

On Tuesday we had interviews with President Grayson in Tifton. Elder Davis, one of the Zone Leaders, exchanged with me in Albany while Elder Oldroyd went to Tifton with Elder Sorenson. On our way back and mainly because Elder Bingham wanted to, we stopped at Adcock Pecans and bought Pecan log and they were delicious! When we got back we went out with Bro. Anderson for a few hours trying some referrals in the northern tip of our area. Somewhat unsuccessful, we were then treated to sundaes at Dairy Queen. After being dropped off, we tried a potential, who was recently a contacted referral. We then stopped at a part-member family's house. we set up an appointment with the non-member husband whom we taught a few months back. We then tracted for a little bit and went back  and had supper. We finished the day by visiting with the Tumlins and seeing Sis. Oldham with Barney. 

On Wednesday we spent most of the day away from Albany. We exchanged back in Cordele and the four of us went to Macon for a Trainer/Trainee Meeting in the Mission Home. There was a good few of us, nearly 40 to be exact. I caught up with some familiar faces like Elder Ashton, Elder Ray (AP), and Elder Anderson. A lot of what was said struck a chord with me and encouraged me to be my best while training and for the rest of mission for that matter. As it got later in the day and approaching Supper, we went with the AP's, and some other Elders from Forsyth and Moultrie to Smok'n Pig BBQ. After a great supper, we drove the two hours back to Albany. 

On Thursday we had District Meeting in Moultrie. The Tifton/Nashville District was also there, making it more of a 2/3 ZTM. Great trainings were given and had a good sack lunch afterwards. After returning, our appointment with James, the part-member family, fell through. I also got an appointment to get my toes looked at. We finished the day visiting with Loreta, a less-active. 

On Friday we weekly planned for a good chunk of the day. Chris took us to my appointment which ended up getting postponed to Tuesday(tomorrow). 

Due to lack of time, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were likewise productive. We have been able to find more people to teach through tracting and contacting referrals. We also had a lesson with Enoch and re-emphasized the importance of the Book of Mormon.

This week has definitely sped by but it is one I am grateful for. Have a good week y'all!

Elder Alexander Kestner