Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Strong Week, Busted AC & Frosties!

Elder Oldroyd & Elder Kestner
Dear Friends and Family,
This week has gone by pretty quick. My new companion is Elder Oldroyd from Fountain Green, Utah. He is straight out of high school and he is a hard worker! There is also a new set of Elders. My old companion, Elder Bingham and his trainee, Elder Major. They are currently staying with us in a 4-pad! 

So, this week was an adjustment week and we eased into things. We got going contacting all of our media referrals and trying some potentials, less-actives, and former investigators. I didn't quite realize how much I have developed my biking legs when I left Elder Oldroyd on Wednesday. He asked me to slow down, so I did. He hadn't ridden a pedal bike since he was 5, but he did well this week. We also did some 12 Week Training for an additional hour each morning we'll be doing that every morning of the transfer except Mondays and Fridays, for P-Day and Weekly Planning respectively. 

On Wednesday morning we had a lesson with Enoch at a park. We had a lesson about learning and serving in the Church. We were able to discover that a concern is that of the nature of the Godhead. It was a good lesson and we told him we would study to answer his question about the Godhead. 

On Thursday, we were out contacting some potentials and formers when we tried one in particular. We met the wife of Patrick, who once took the discussions. She said we could come back later when he got home from work. We did some other things and we came back to the complex and tried two others while waiting for him to get home. Then one lady pulled up and said "Y'all aren't going door-to-door are you?". I responded with a "No, ma'am". We tried one other and that individual was not there. That lady parked her car as to watch us. We then biked to see if Patrick was home. Before we even got off our bikes, the same lady pulled up and said "You should just leave". She followed us out and made sure we were down the road. That left a bad taste in our mouths... We perked up that night by going to Zaxby's with Ralph and seeing Sister Oldham.

On Friday we did our Weekly Planning for this week. We were also fighting our A/C being busted. The pipes keep freezing that connect to the inside unit and it does not cool off the apartment to the temperature it is set at. It was very warm as we planned! It got up to 82 degrees and was showing no signs of cooling off. It honestly felt better outside than it did inside! Later that day we had supper with the Fields family with all 6 of us, which was a first. They then gave us another fan until we get our A/C fixed. We then got dropped off at home, changed into service clothes, and Ralph picked us up. We then met up with the Sisters at Cher's to help a friend of hers. We then drove to another part of town and picked up a dresser, some chairs, and a washer and dryer. we then delivered those to Enoch's apartment! He now has those things when he gets his water and power turned back on. Cher then gave Ralph some money and he didn't know what to say except for "Hey Elders, want to go get some Frosties?" which we thought sounded pretty good. 

Saturday went by quickly. We had sports in the morning, moved some stuff for Cher, and went to the Baptism of the Sisters' investigator, Jazlyn. We then had a good lesson with Enoch with Bro. Spiers with us. We had a discussion for more than a hour about the doctrine that was previously mentioned. Somehow, we were led that he needs to know if the Book of Mormon is true and if Joseph Smith is a True Prophet. We committed him to that.

Yesterday we tried some people near the church, but slightly slowed down by a thunderstorm rolling in. We also found a turtle in the middle of the road that we named 'Thunder'! We then went back to our neighborhood and we were able to contact Cassandra. She is moving and we will be seeing her tonight. we then stopped at Ricky's. He was deep frying french fries when we pulled in. We just started talking and he asked us questions about why we're serving missions. He also said he really wants to come to Church, in fact, this Sunday! He also gave us some french fries, fried fish, water, and Pepsi. I was so elated and called us a few times his friends. 

Boy, this week really took a good direction. I am excited!

Have a good week y'all!

Elder Alexander Kestner