Thursday, January 5, 2017

Happy New Year! Welcome 2017!

Bro time with Bunny
 Dear Family and Friends,

This week has had a few ups and downs and I didn't do too well in journal writing this week, so bare with me. Any-who, Happy New Year y'all! 2017 is here and I am trying not to freak out with the time I have left to serve in the good ol' GMM!

Tuesday was a little rough for us. We emailed since the library was closed the day before and didn't have much success in the evening or afternoon. We picked ourselves up by going to Taco Bell using gift cards (Thanks family!). Before we turned in for the night, we found Dwayne who used to be taught by missionaries and wants us to come by to teach him. He seems pretty legit!

The next day we did some service for Bro. Bush raking leaves with all 6 missionaries in our District. Afterwards, I went on exchanges with Elder Glenn in his area. Cool story from exchanges; we go to contact a referral and there was a lady talking to some people in a car. We kinda stood there awkwardly for a moment and then approached the car. The guy in the passenger front seat commented on my height compared to Elder Glenn and told me not to steal Elder Glenn's food haha. The rest of the day was okay. We had a late District Meeting and a few interesting things happened that I'll have to tell at a later time. Hehe

After exchanging back the next day, we went with Bro. Bush to visit less-active members on a ''rescue mission''. We were able to get some additional information on a few people and contact one man in particular. We talked with him and he seems very open and wants us to come back to help him answer his questions he has since he's been gone from Church which has been for almost 15-20ish years! It was a good visit and we are certain to go back soon. 

Friday was a little rough. Both of us weren't feeling well at all and that prevented us from doing much. We were able to plan out the upcoming week in a good, productive way, however. Later on, Bro. Worthington dropped off some chili, chips, and cheese that they had made for us, but we seeing how we weren't feeling well. they brought it to us. It was delicious and we were very grateful for it. 

Holding a kid (1 month old)
Grande Tacino & Pequeno Tacino

The next day we felt a good bit better. We went to interviews with President Grayson in Columbus in the morning. After that, we went over to the Mall food court and I got me some Chick-fil-a! We came back and the Sisters met us and we all had District 'Warm Fuzzies' which was interesting and brought us closer as a District. A little later, we were able to talk with Tela for a little bit and get her a marked up copy of the Book of Mormon. The other Elders then picked us up and then we met Bro. Goertzen at our apartment for dinner. Dinner was great and we had a good time. They got some new animals, saw some tocino' A.K.A as pigs, or BACON! That was our day, so to speak. We then went in at 7 and got in PJ's, broke out some drinks, and played some games. It was quite an enjoyable evening! 
Lock down time!
Church was good on Sunday . A few things fell through afterwards, but we were able to see Sis. Stevens and a few others.

A brief thing about yesterday, while all 6 of us were at the Church, it started to rain and thunder. We then got a text from a member in the Flat Rock Ward, telling us that there was a Tornado Watch in effect in our area and a Warning in two other counties. We ended up ducking in at the Ft. Mitchell apartment in the evening with Elders Glenn and Darrington. It was really weird. All turned out okay, though. Roads were bad but we were able to make it back alright. Definitely an interesting P-Day!

Well, 2017 is now here, which I saw hoping it wouldn't come, but time is relentless. I have a few resolutions for this year to put into effect that will be different than last year's, for obvious reasons. Anyway, have a good week y'all!

Elder Alexander Kestner