Monday, January 9, 2017

Phenix City won't ever get rid of Me!

See!, I can make an Omelette!!
Dear Family and Friends,

Well, Transfers have come around and the result is that I am staying in Phenix City for another Transfer and I will be 'killing' Elder Taylor, or sending him home. There must be some record out there for staying in an area. I will have been in Phenix City for at least 7 Transfers, or about 10 and a half months. There is also a good possibility of staying here for my last Transfer as well. Who knows!?

On Tuesday, after emailing, we went to a hole in the wall Bar-Be-Que place off the main road for lunch. We were talked into ribs and the owner claimed it was "the best ribs in town" and they were absolutely delicious! We tried a few more people that afternoon without much luck, though we were able to talk to Craig and Melissa before heading back for supper. After that, we tried a less-active member and we walked there and back. 

On Wednesday, we had District Meeting and I made my mom's White Chicken Chili, although it was challenged for not being white by some, so I kinda renamed it Southwest Chili to please some certain missionaries... After District Meeting and lunch, we met Bro. Bush at our apartment and we went on a less-active rescue mission. we were able to visit Bro. Staley and another Brother. We then got dropped off at the Neighborhood Market Wal-Mart, got some 88 cent drinks, and went with Ft. Mitchell to see their Investigator, Nicole, and read Isaiah. Due to lack of time, we weren't able to make a proper meal, so we hit up Wendy's and ate quickly before Book of Mormon class. After class, we went to Wal-Mart to get some last minute Birthday stuff for Bro. Bush. I also picked up some chain cleaner for my bike as well as a real bike pump. 

The next day we contacted Nikki and as we were about to bike away, a guy called out "Y'all Mormons?". Long story short, we met Scotty and he had seen missionaries around, but did not get to hear our message. We got his info and set a time on Saturday to meet with him. We then visited with Sis. Stevens and then biked to Taco Bell for a little supper. We then got picked up by Ft. Mitchell and we and the Sisters drove over to the Bush's house to surprise Bro. Bush on his 81st Birthday. We celebrated with him, had some apple pie, and talked.
Happy Birthday Bro Bush!
Friday was quite wet and cold! Almost miserable! We Weekly Planned most of the day since our appointments and plans were cancelled due to freezing rain downpours. 
Wet & Cold
Saturday was better as we were able to talk with Jimmy inside his house, which rarely happens on my mission. We then visited the Rivers, and a little later, we met Bro. Bush at Scotty's apartment. Scotty was expecting us, which surprised us, for sure! In there, we also met his fiancee, Sherry, who had talked to missionaries in the past. We had a good discussion on the Restoration. Scotty listened attentively and it seemed our words resonated with him. We gave him and Sherry a marked Book of Mormon to read before our next appointment on Saturday. We put our bikes in Bro. Bush's truck, went to our appointment with Stan and Nikki, but they weren't home. We tried Marilyn, but she was busy and didn't have time to meet. Later on, we listened to Transfer calls. Elder Glenn and Sister Greenland are getting transferred with myself, Elder Taylor, Sister Lewis, and Elder Darrington staying. 

Sunday was spent with Ft. Mitchell with Elder Glenn saying good-byes and such. It was a short day, relatively. We had dinner that night with the Cammacks and we had delicious baked potatoes! we also had cherry cobbler and ice cream to finish it off. I also got a scoop on how my Seattle Seahawks are doing, which is always a boost haha. 
Huge Potato at the Cammacks (my hand for size reference)
I am a little astonished that I have stayed in Phenix City this long. Brother Wesberry joked that I should just have my records transferred here. Bishop Zeh and others mentioned how Phenix City won't ever get rid of me. Maybe I should just remain here after I get released? Who knows?! It's been a good, but tough transfer. I am grateful that I get to continue serving with Elder Taylor before he returns to good ol' Poky. Well, here's to Transfer Number 16!

Have a good week y'all!

Elder Alexander Kestner