Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Springtime in January & Legal Advice

An adventure near our apartment..felt like Joseph Smith
Dear Family and Friends,

This week, like others, has gone by fast! Weather has been pretty warm this week, comparatively. I'm just hoping we have some cool days ahead! 

On Tuesday, we went to see Stan, but his son told us to come back in about an hour. We then go see Sis. Stevens for a while and had a good visit. We then go back to Stan's, and we knock on his door. we then see a Police Patrol Car pull up. Now, we have seen them pretty often here in the Projects. A cop then gets out and starts walking towards us. I mutter, only for Elder Taylor and perhaps Stan, who had just got to the door, "He better not come over here..." which of course he does. He says we shouldn't be there and this and that. He walks off and Stan says something we found amusing about the officer, but that's beside the point. We resume talking to Stan when we hear "Hey, you have to go NOW!" from the first officer's partner. We walk over to the officer and he says we can't proselyte here, which is true, but we can see someone specific (i.e. Stan). We asked him if that was alright, and he said it wasn't and that he could issue us citations. I'm just thinking, "You've got to be kidding me. We've been in here many many times and nothing has come of it". He tells us to leave and talk to the Property Manager to get permission to tract the property, which wasn't our intention at all. We go over to the property office and talk to the manager and she said it was fine if we were seeing someone specific and not going door-to-door. This got me up in a fuss for the rest of the day. We went back to see Stan right quick and set an appointment for the following Sunday evening with Bro. Bush. We then biked to Zaxby's at the Worthington's treat since they haven't been feeling well. That meal got my mind off things... PHEW!
Wednesday, we received a referral from Sis. Jensen at the Mission Office to visit a man who wanted to learn about Family History. We go over there immediately, and meet Roger. He's not too into Family History, but his late wife was. we talk to him and come to find out he's talked with missionaries in the past and went to church with a buddy when he was in the Army. He had some great questions about the Book of Mormon and the Church in general. He seems pretty solid and he wants to meet with us again soon! Later on we had supper with the Creech's and had Book of Mormon class. 
Elder Anderson!!
Thursday, we went to Auburn for ZTM, which is always good. And guess who makes an appearance during our post-ZTM lunch?? My boy Elder Anderson from my early Albany days! He and Elder Mortensen are the other Columbus Zone Leaders and they brought us a new phone and a smoke detector. We get back home and we have supper with the Longerbeams. What a day!

Friday we weekly planned for most of the day and had a lesson with the Owens in the evening. Not much else to report...
A cool bird we found..
Saturday, we visited Wesley and met his neighbor Joe from New Jersey. We then biked to meet Bro. Bush to have a lesson with Scotty and Sherry. We get there and Bro. Bush said Scotty had to cancel, but Bro. Bush committed him to come to church and that we would pick him up.Bro. Bush is a champ! We then tried a few more people with Bro. Bush and located a referral we had received a day or two previous. 

Sunday after church, we talked to the Hussey's about getting thrown out of the Projects. They said they would look into and handle it. Sis. Hussey gave us her card (she is the Assistant District Attorney). Sister Hussey also told us our rights as missionaries, which was quite comforting haha. 

Yesterday, we had P-Day and we went shopping with the other Elders and afterwards we hung out at our apartment and played Catan. It was a pretty fun P-Day! Sis. Phillips called us earlier and invited us to dinner that night. We had tacos, as per tradition. I struggled eating 10 while Elder Taylor downed 17! 
Ice cream truck came through our apt complex
PHEW, WHAT AN INTERESTING WEEK!!!! A very memorable week from both sides of the spectrum. 

Well, have a good week y'all is all that I can say!

Elder Alexander Kestner