Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Down on the Banks of the Chattahoochee...

Bye Elder Taylor!

Dear Friends and Family, 
This week was pretty momentous as this was Elder' Taylor's last week and is currently back home. Some changes have come, but that is the nature of the beast!

On Monday, after P-Day we had supper with the McGwins and got up on a few things close to home.

Tuesday we had District Meeting and it was also Elder Taylor's 'funeral'. I gave the eulogy of his Mission which I thought was pretty cool and we all got some laughs from it. We then had Zaxby's for lunch at Elder Taylor's request, since there aren't any in Idaho... YET!! We later on had a lesson with a guy named Todd, who was a media referral and we were able to teach him half of the Restoration. He was really courteous and sincere with his desire to come closer to Christ. He's been through a lot but he understands that coming closer to Christ means that a mighty change can occur according to his faith. We then went to banks of the Chattahoochee to wait for the Ft. Mitchell Elders to pick us up for supper at the Cammacks'. Afterwards, Elder Darrington went on exchanges with me.
After District Meeting
The next day was good as we went out to visit some people. For supper, we had it with Sis. Brewer, who made a Southern meal of chicken-fried pork chops, collard greens, and mashed potatoes, with Pecan Pie for dessert! YUM!!!! We then had Book of Mormon class. 

Thursday morning we helped a less-active member move with the other missionaries in the District. We then had lunch at our place and had RMT. I also got a head start on a program called MyPlan that I'll explain at a later time. We then visited with Sis. Stevens for a little bit and hustled up to receive our supper from Bro. Goertzen. That evening, before we came in, Elder Taylor needed to buy a battery but had some issues swiping his card. He moved to the back of the line and before he got back up to the front, a man in front of him and behind me, paid for his battery (for the scale in our apartment) and made a bee-line for the door. We met him outside and it turns out he did that because he knew we talked to people about Christ. He said he was a police officer and we gave him a pass-along card. He also told us he once read half of the Book of Mormon! What an interesting way to end the night!

The next day I planned for this week and Elder Taylor got a lot of packing done, which took a good chunk out of our day. We then had dinner and visited with the Owens. 

Saturday morning, we went with Bro. Harsh to the Flea Market in Smiths Station. It was really cool and there was a lot of really intriguing stuff there to buy! We left after Bro. Harsh bought me an Alabama beanie and Elder Taylor a Confederate flag beanie. It was pretty cool and nice of him! We then had lunch at Chick-fil-a at his treat. He then dropped us off and listened to Transferr calls with the Sisters who were in the area. We found out that I am staying Phenix City for my last Transfer!! I am so pumped!! I am basically a staple of Phenix City! Afterwards, Bro. Bush took us to Columbus and Elder Taylor sold his bike. The Owens then came in clutch again and took us to meet the other Elders at the Newsomes'. 

The next day was Sunday and we had Church and Elder Taylor said goodbye to the members. We later had lunch at the McGwins and Bro. Harsh came to pick Elder TAylor up and take him to the Mission Home. We took some pictures and said goodbye. He then drove off. I then stayed with the Ft. Mitchell Elders for the remainder of the day and the next. 

Well, like I said, changes have happened and I am currently serving with an Elder Jole. He and I get along great and I are looking forward to serving together for my last transfer. 

Have a good week y'all!

Elder Alexander Kestner