Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Best 2 years!

Another Intruder!
Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been pretty decent and quick like previous weeks and Elder Taylor going home soon is getting me anxious! well, let's dive right in!

On Tuesday, for P-Day we all hung out at the Woods' home and watched "The Best Two Years" since that is now on the 'Approved' list of movies we can watch. When we left the Woods' it was pouring rain and when we got home we discovered a cockroach and that threw us into a cleaning frenzy which was definitely needed!

The next day we were out walking when we ran into Bro. Staley and he mentioned that he needed some help moving some thins to storage in the next day or two. We offered our help and later on he called to confirm that. We then had Book of Mormon class that evening and afterwards went to Bruster's to celebrate Sis. DeMann's birthday. We also got a call from President Grayson telling me of something going on back home. I think it's safe to say that missionaries are usually instantly worried when your Mission President calls randomly. 

Thursday went quickly! we had RMT in the afternoon, tried some people, and hauled up Stadium Dr to our apartment to meet Bro. McClure for supper. We had some delicious fried tacos with them! 

Friday we weekly planned and later went with Ft. Mitchell to a lesson, which fell through. We then showed them 'Suicide Hill' and Edler Strong said he wants to bike up it. Well, okay then! Elder Taylor then shipped two big boxes home so he doesn't have to lug those to the Mission Home. We then all had supper with the Worthingtons which is always delicious! Afterwards, Bro. Worthington dropped us off and that was basically our night! 

On Saturday, we were visited by two GMM RM's, (Elder) Hafen and (Elder) Schiers, who treated us to Ed's Bar-be-que for lunch and had some good laughs. Another thing worth noting; both of them and Elder Taylor were trained by the same missionary, Elder Poti. They got some pictures and reminisced. We then had a great visit with the Owens and talked about the Plan of Salvation. Later on, a member who had accidentally signed up to feed us, ordered us pizza and we found out that it was a carry-out order and the pizza place was across town. So, we made some calls and the Owens came in clutch and helped us out by picking it up for us! We owe them BIG TIME! It had been an odd day!

Sunday was great, like always. Church was good and afterwards, all 6 of us missionaries rehearsed a musical number with Sis. Cammack we will be performing next Sunday. We stayed around the church and got picked up by Bro. Creech to go to a lesson with a woman named Katie and her husband, Dennis. We get over there and it fell through. We then tried a few more potentials and those fell through as well. At least we remained diligent and that Bro. Creech is a champ for helping us out! We then had our studies before Bro. Bush picked us up for Supper, since we weren't able to come earlier. I absolutely love the Bush's! After a good meal, we went over and gave the Sacrament to the Otts. We visited for a little and then Bro. Bush dropped us off at the Newsome's home, where Ft. Mitchell was visiting. We had a good visit with them and then headed to our apartment to meet the Sisters and (Elder) Price, who Greenie-busted Elder Taylor and 2nd half trained Elder Strong. He pulled up and he had (Elder) Memmott with him as well. We hjad a good chat and we noticed a rat in our breezeway and we watched it smell out our neighbor's trash. It then went on our porch and we were able to scare it away. That sucker was big! 

Anywho, this is Elder Taylor's last full week and transfer calls are coming up next Saturday. My last Transfer call! At least, one that concerns me haha.

Have a good week y'all!

Elder Alexander Kestner

P.S. Sorry for only one picture, I will take MORE!!