Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Zone Conference & Birthday

Alabama Sunset
Dear Family and Friends,

This week was pretty decent. We had a few things happen and a lot that didn't happen in one way or another. If my mission has taught me anything it is that even if things don't go through as planned, that does not mean you're a failure or that God has abandoned you, and the latter is quite the opposite! 

On Tuesday we had Interviews with President Grayson and we got some awesome news that we can watch LDS movies like 17 Miracles and Ephraim's Rescue! That was pretty awesome to hear! We then hit up half price Traditional Wings at B-DUBS on our way back for lunch and I down 15 delicious wings that got my mouth on fire! It filled me up for sure! Later on we had District Meeting and we went  over the Ward Roster as well. On our way to District meeting, the four of us picked up some $1 pint ice cream at Piggly Wiggly. Totally Worth It!! 

The next day we went with Bro. Bush to see some less-active members and we were able to visit with Bro. Staley for a while and try some other folks as well. Our visit went well with Bro. Staley and he has some questions we will be studying up to answer for him! We then had Book of Mormon class to finish the evening. 
At the Newsome's. Dog love me!
Thursday was little rough. We biked around to see some people and we didn't have much success. Elder Taylor later insisted on going to Captain D's for supper since he had a gift card. So...that's what we had for supper! We then tried one of our investigators, Marilyn, but her neighbor told us she had just left for work. We then headed towards Walgreens and we were able to contact one of the cashiers and then sent Ft. Mitchell the referral with her info. We then biked home in the dark as it was getting pretty chilly. It sure beats the heat though!

Friday we weekly planned and saw the Owens in the evening. Fridays are pretty tough for us... Our visit with the Owens was good, as usual.

Saturday was Stake Conference and we sang in the choir for the Adult Session. It went well and Elder Taylor was able to meet up with a member in the La Grange Branch, Brother Hafen, who were companions and he had since moved back to his former area. The session was good as President and Sister Grayson both spoke in addition to local members. Afterwards there was some refreshments and there was No-Bake Cookies that I took advantage of and then subsequently downed! Btw, earlier in the day we all went over to the Newsome's and wished sis. Newsome a happy 90th Birthday! 

The Sunday session was good as well but it was a little harder to stay focused since there was a kid next to us playing a game on a computer and there was also a word search on the program. The talks were focused more on the Atonement and Redemption through faith in Jesus Christ and it was quite inspiring! we then stuck with Ft. Mitchell for most of the day as we went to see Sis. Brewer and have lunch with the Bushes and Eilands. We made some other visits and we all met at the church to finish going over the Ward roster. 
Yesterday was Zone Conference and the trainings were inspired and focused on our adjustment of the new schedule and keeping a clean area as well as introducing the new Housing Senior  Couple and our new Mission Nurse since the Finlinsons went on to another mission in Nauvoo! 
My zone singing Happy Birthday to me!
Yesterday was also my birthday and the secret was not kept from the two zone (thanks Sis. Lewis haha). So, Ft. Mitchell wasn't able to come to supper at the Woods, so Bro. Harsh picked us up and on our way picked up some ice cream that he had us pick out. So, the Harsh's, Malory Hussey, another member whose name escapes me, as well as President and Sis. Woods. Sis. Woods went all out! Delicious nachos and homemade salsa! She also made me a chocolate cake and it was delicious! A big thanks to them! It ended well for me and it made for a good 22nd birthday! I certainly feel old in comparison to other missionaries. For example, Elder Strong, our District Leader, is almost 4 years younger than I. Well, that was to be expected when I came out! 

Have a good week y'all and try to survive the weather for those of you in Idaho!

Elder Alexander Kestner
Elder Taylor got his trunky papers