Monday, March 13, 2017

Cooling down..

Sonic & Trunky Papers
Dear Family and Friends,

Well, this week has been interesting to say the least. The weather cooling off is a welcome sight!

Monday, after P-Day, the Bush's, a new couple in the ward, took us to Zeb's seafood and Chicken for supper. We then met back with the Ft. Mitchell Elders and we helped out Sis. Brewer with moving some boxes and putting a tarp on her belongings in the carport. We also had a good visit with her and before we left she asked me what I would like her to cook before I go home. We got it figured out and she'll be making Jambalaya and fried okra. She is from Louisiana so you know it'll be delicious!

Tuesday we tried having some RMT, but the internet was not cooperating. We tried a few people plus a referral that may or may not even existed. Oh well... Before we headed up for a late supper, we tried to visit with Shirley and Anthony. We sit in their home when one of their kids comes down, telling us that they have to go to the hospital and visit a family member. They told us to come back, however. Btw, Shirley is William Rivers' sister. We bike up to our apartment and as we're eating, I start hearing a noise from the stove vent. We look outside and sure enough, it's pouring rain! Timed that just right!

Wednesday we did Windows of Heaven and it was a good experience. At the start, we walked past a house where there was some scurrying in the garage. We paused for a moment, deciding on what to do. But before we could turn back, a man shouted from the garage if we could use some water. We said yes and we got to talking to Leo. He told us he appreciated what we do, but he wouldn't be converting. At least he was nice though! He also gave us some referrals for his neighbors, which we followed up with, without much luck. We continued one and we were walking past another house and the driver of the car pulling out rolled his window down and shook our hands saying, "I wasn't planning on hitting ya" which we chuckled to. He drove off and we put a pass-along card on his door. We kept going and we met a guy named Charlie. He had talked to missionaries before and said we could come back and talk to him. We kept going and just a few doors later we talked to another guy who was just visiting his in-laws and we got the general area of where he lived. He was pretty friendly! We then walked to the end of the street and we saw a Mustang pull into a driveway. In an attempt to avert the awkwardness, we knocked on a few doors. But as soon as we knocked on three, the guy was back outside with his two year-old son. We introduced ourselves and started talking. He wasn't too communicative, but his wife/girlfriend came out and we started talking to her. She was more receptive and we talked about the Plan of Salvation with her. She, Sarah, said we could come back and we gave her a Plan of Salvation pamphlet. We then made another loop around with luck and that ran our time up. We then biked down to visit the Longerbeams  who were outside enjoying the sunshine. We visited for a bit and Bro. Longerbeam offered to take us and our bikes to the church where our supper was and where Book of Mormon class would be. Here's something funny... So, our supper was in the fridge and that's all they told us. We ate the chili and cornbread in there. No problem and quite delicious. Later that night, we find out that one container, which was a yogurt container, was meant for each companionship (us and the other Elders). Oops!! There wasn't a whole lot in there, but it was quite funny, actually. 

Thursday we went to Auburn for ZTM which happens to be my very last one... The training's were good and insightful. We then had lunch at Chick-fil-a afterwards. We get back and almost immediately we get picked up by Bro. Goertzen for supper. we ate homemade fried chicken strips and instant pasta salad. YUM! It was a good night for sure!

A few things fell through on Friday, but we were able to get some things done to make it better.

Saturday was interesting, to say the least. We checked mail and we see an envelope with the Church stamp on it. Well, it was only a matter of time.. it was my trunky papers. So, we then walked over to Sonic for Happy Hour to drown my sorrows. We get back and get picked up by the McCoy's for supper at Sis. Morris' home. It was really good and we came home with some of the leftover homemade fried chicken. 

Sunday was good as well. Services were great and insightful. Now that I had my itinerary, I needed to ask someone for a ride to the Mission Home. I asked around and got a commitment from the Woods to take me. They are so awesome! After church, Bug and Lulu took us to their home before the usual Sunday lunch. We ate and later got dropped off by Bug at our place. The Ft. Mitchell Elders later picked us up and we visited Carlos to end the night. It had been a good day! 

Well, a lot of things happened this week and the Lord's hand in it was very much evident. 

Have a good week y'all!!

Elder Alexander Kestner