Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Last Email!!...Signing Off!

River walk along the Chattahoochee!
Dear Friends and Family,

So, this week was a blur and I cannot believe this is my last weekly email! This one will be brief since I want to do some other things for my last P-Day.

Monday after Zone Conference we went with the 'new' Bushes in the ward. We then got caught up on our studies and that was basically our day! 

Tuesday was pretty legit. We went on the River Walk and took some pretty great pictures. There was also a guy with a drone filming a group that was white water rafting. Definitely got a lot of sun! We went out with Bro. Stapley in the evening after P-Day to work in our area. We tried a few potentials, formers, and a referral. We go up to this one house of a former. No one at home, Bro. Stapley starts walking over to the neighbor and we strike up a conversation. There we met Jackie. She asked us two questions about practicing what we preach and the Church's stance on gay marriage. We answered her questions and introduced the Book of Mormon. Bro. Stapley was a champ! It was a great contact in every regard. She has a ton of potential that we fell blessed to find! 
Wednesday we had Book of Mormon class and did some work near our apartment. Quick day!

Thursday after lunch, we did RMT and then had a lesson with Roger. We weren't able to teach what we planned, but we did commit him to watch a session of General Conference with us! We later on visited with Sis. Stevens and had a late supper. 

Friday we did some pain-staking weekly planning. More so to ensure that everything transitions well to Elder Jole taking over the area when I leave, like getting addresses from my GPS and such which took quite a while! 
Flea Market with the District!
Saturday was a long day! That morning we went to the Flea Market in Smiths Station until about noon. It was pretty awesome and we handed out a ton of pass-along card and the Sisters found a new investigator in one of the neighboring vendors. We then went to Waffle House for lunch and then changed into service clothes and we helped the Woods move their furniture up the street into a home that is owned by members that have since moved and are now trying to sell the house. The Hussey's came to help, more so AJ since Malory is very pregnant and AJ made us laugh a ton! Bro. Hill, Bro. Goertzen, Bro. Leach, and Bro. Smith(Sr) also helped out. We were there about two hours and then we went home to do our studies and then we had supper with the McGwins that evening. 

Sunday, as I promised, I made White Chicken Chili for the Eiland/Bush/McGwin clan's Sunday lunch. It was quite a success! It felt weird that it was my last normal-ish Sunday in the ward. It was quite solemn at times for me. We visited with the Newomes and the Ft. Mitchell Elders' recent convert, Courtney and her new husband to finish off the evening. 
Cube Steak w/ fried Egg & Homemade Salsa Verde..Yumm
I am not sure if I have mentioned it in a while, but I have been reading the New Testament due to my goal of reading the Standard Works on my mission. I finished 1 Peter last night and I will be finishing up the remaining portion this evening and reading the Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price for the rest of the week. 

Well, this is quite weird for me... Two years have gone by so fast. I have enjoyed my mission and I have come to know my Savior, Jesus Christ. For one last time, have a good week y'all! I'll be on Facebook adding a bunch of y'all when I can and my email is kestalex@isu.edu

Elder Alexander Kestner signing off...