Monday, June 8, 2015

The Blessings of Fasting & Sweating

Dear Family & Friends,


My week was great! We had a few new investigators and got 2 on date for baptism for the 20th, but had to push it back since he wasn't able to get to church yesterday. We did however have one of our investigators come to church with her sister and 2 sons. We are hoping her husband will come soon. He loves God and has a bit of alcohol & tobacco problem. Should be fun when we talk about the Word of Wisdom.

Yesterday, we were tracting down the road from our apartment. We knocked on a few homes and only 2 wanted to talk. The first home was one where a woman not much older than I, answered and said her boyfriend was LDS and has talked to her about the Gospel and the Book of Mormon. She was raised Baptist but stopped going to church when her parents divorced. She said she has some interest about the Gospel and says she wants to come to church next week. The second home was actually one of my first street contacts from my first full day in Phenix City. We had left him with a Bible and a pamphlet. Anyway, he answered and he was busy but would like for us to come by and talk to him.

The days are getting warmer and warmer here in Phenix City. I sweat so much every day and it was quite hard for me on Saturday/Sunday. I started my fast at 2pm and we tracted part of a neighborhood and I was sweating buckets. It was hard and I started to get really dehydrated. Nevertheless, I endured to the end of the fast. It was worth it. We had several great lessons, new investigators, and one came to church. The power of fasting amazes me.

In a couple of weeks my trainer, Elder Stewart, is 'dying', or going home. 8 weeks sure do go by quickly and they've generally been good weeks. My allergies haven't been acting up, oddly enough. I am getting acclimated to this area but that does not stop me sweating profusely most days. We are still in contact with the Howells and we see them every week. 

About everyday last week we had a dinner appointment with members. Whether they bring us something or we eat there, I just love it. President Cottle has challenged us to bear our testimonies when we eat in a member's home. We have done our best to do so and we invite the Spirit into that home and what I want to bring to that home is that we are representatives of Jesus Christ. And what a title it is! 

We have a great Work to do here in Georgia and Alabama. I love the people, though some may not like us too much or don't want to hear anything we have to say, I want to teach and preach to those that are ready, though they may be few.   I strive to learn new things and meet new people everyday I go out. It can be a struggle here. A lot of people are religious and have a faith in Christ, but seem to not want to talk to us when we bring up that we would like to share a message about Christ. Many times now, we have been mistaken as Jehovah's Witness and Insurance salesmen. It must be the shirt and tie. 


Elder Kestner