Monday, July 13, 2015

New Companion & being a Sheppard

Elder Kestner & Elder Sutton
Dear Family & Friends,

This week was an adjustment week. I now have a new companion, Elder Sean Sutton from SLC. Classic, right? haha. We are already hitting it off. He is 22 and older than most missionaries. He has been out 6 months, so he is not too far ahead of me. He has told me that his training experience was poor and how mine went really well. I really didn't notice how important all the little things of training make all the difference in a new missionary's life. I really appreciate Elder Stewart now. I am excited to continue this companionship and I look forward to learn from him.
The Thompson's

On Tuesday last week, we went to the Thompson's. They are a less-active family in the ward.You may have heard me talk about them in my previous emails. They haven't come to church in a long time because they felt like they weren't worthy to come back. Anyway, on Tuesday we taught them from Mosiah 4. I would invite everyone who reads this to read Mosiah 4, it is powerful. When we finished reading, Brother Thompson looked over at me and asked why we shared that with them. I replied that I felt impressed to share it. Brother Thompson looked at me and said "Nothing has hit me like this since the birth of my kids". "I will tell you how I feel on Sunday". The Spirit was so strong it nearly brought me to tears and brought Brother Thompson to tears. The Lord works in mysterious ways and I was an instrument in this case though I did not realize I was until the end. This taught me that missionaries not only look for new people to baptize, but to help Sheppard the flock which is the Church. I love these experiences and they outweigh the bad experiences with people not wanting to talk and plans falling through. This keeps me going. This is why I am out here.

I got the box at the transfer meeting. I loved it! I have barely scratched the surface of the goodies inside. Btw, did you get the fry sauce? haha. It feels weird not having it in the South. The work goes on here.  We love visiting the Howells. They feel like my family away from home. 

 I love this area of Phenix City, AL. I love the people, my companion, my District, my Zone, and the Lord. I love being here. This is where I am meant to be. I love being here. It seemed so long ago that I was back home in Pocatello. Time sure flies..

Your son,
Elder A. Kestner