Monday, July 27, 2015

Overcoming my Shyness

Dear Family & Friends,
This week was a bit slow in some regards. It was a blur for me personally. We 'received' two new investigators when they came to church and a third when we taught one of them. We met Shirley and Anthony. Most of Shirley's family are members and she wants to transfer from her old church to this church. She said her old church was like a 'fashion show' and how the congregation compared themselves to each other. Anyways... We met with them on Thursday and Sunday. Anthony is her long-time boyfriend/fiancee. We had a great Restoration lesson on Thursday and a good Plan of Salvation lesson on Sunday. I saw another example of how the Lord prepares people for us to teach. Some days we need to dig deep to find investigators aka 'tracting'. And there are other times where the Lord gives us people that need the Gospel and are ready to receive it. There is an often unbalance of the two, but that is what helps us grow and learn. Now that I am at the end of my 3rd month and nearly my 4th, I am growing to be more comfortable teaching and at times when it may not be convenient. I see now that I always need to be prepared to talk about the Gospel and invite people to keep commitments. I cannot be shy in this Work. You know that I was quite shy for a long time. This mission I am serving is bringing me out of my shell. I am grateful for the change. There are so many applications to post-mission life that I am now learning. For example, living with someone, talking to random people on the streets, and budgeting monthly. I see how fast time has gone and I am happy I am just getting started. 
Love, your son,
Elder A. Kestner