Monday, July 6, 2015

12 weeks

Enjoying some chicken chili from Sister Howells
Hello Family & Friends,

Well, I have officially completed my missionary training. Elder Stewart will be home in a couple of hours MST. I am currently with Elders Peterson and Wells who serve in the Ft. Mitchell area, but live in Phenix City. I will be with them until tomorrow when I meet my new companion. Elder Peterson, our District Leader, is transferring out while Elder Wells and I stay.

This week was the best week, weather wise. I don't believe it ever broke 100 degrees and stayed mostly in the lower 90s. I just love the 'cooler' weather. haha

Our investigators, Kester and Vanessa, are planning on getting married somewhere before Christmas. Me personally, I want it to be sooner. I just may be selfish in that regard. They come from an impoverished part of Phenix City. They are humble people and love God and Jesus Christ. Their love of this Gospel increases each Sunday as they attend. At times it proves to be challenging due to them not having a car so we organize a ride for them each week. They have come for the last 5 weeks straight. 

Hard to believe we are already in July. The Lord has been merciful in keeping us safe and healthy. Recently, we have been eating well at our dinner appointments. The members here love feeding the missionaries and members, like Sister Howells, calls us over for a great meal and we enjoy that. I don't complain, but it does make losing weight quite difficult. Haha.. Southern hospitality indeed.

I am so excited to continue working here in Phenix City. I want to continue meeting more people and bringing them the Gospel of Jesus Christ. My testimony continues to grow though they are difficulties that face me. I know, through and by the Savior's help, I will overcome them. I know that I serve and work my hardest for the next 21 months that this mission will mold me into the man God wants me to be. In District Meeting last week, we talked about what the Apostles did after the Savior left. They went back to fishing instead of serving the Lord with all of their might, mind, and strength. Christ humbled Peter and taught him that there is a huge difference between the Peter; Peter knows and the Peter the Lord knows. This relates to missionaries I have known. I see them changed drastically. Refined. This mission will undoubtedly mold me into the man that God wants me to be. All I have to do serve and let Him change me. 

I love all the support each and every week. Have a great week and I hope to hear from you soon.


Elder A. Kestner