Monday, August 10, 2015

A bomb dropped, but the work continues..

Dear Family & Friends,

We had interviews this week with President Cottle. To the interview, we were asked to bring a 4 generation chart and a filled out "My Family" booklet. I had a lot of fun finding and researching my family history. Going into the interview, I did not expect what President Cottle would say to me. He said something has been long on his mind that many missionaries have been lax with what they listen to. He then counseled me that he will now ban music from movies and video games. I did not know what to say. I just sat there and listened. I promised that I would be obedient. Leaving the Stake Center, where the interviews were held in my Zone, I couldn't quite comprehend what I needed to do, let alone how I should feel. You know that music has been a blessing in my life and that it helps me. I thought I came out with good music, but President Cottle knows what is best for this Mission. My first thought when we returned to the apartment was what I can't listen to and I needed to put that music away. As much as it killed me on the inside, I put my iPod into a small ziploc and then doubled it. I have not listened to it ever since the morning before interviews. 

We had a good week with missionary work. We had a lesson with Shirley, our progressing investigator, last night. We had been praying & discussing as a companionship what to teach her next for quite some time. It then felt right when we decided to teach her the Word of Wisdom. We taught her using the pamphlet and mid-way through the lesson Shirley said, "It's weird that we are talking about this because I have been wanting to fast to see how long I could go without smoking a cigarette". I was so glad that the Lord had been preparing Shirley for us to teach her. She then committed to living the Word of Wisdom and would teach her fiance in return the Word of Wisdom and help him to overcome his addiction to dipping. I am hopeful that they will rely on the Savior and His Atonement so that they may come into the waters of baptism. 

I have pondered this week about how I may make my mission here memorable. I felt a little 'trunky' when I knew that Dallin went home from his mission in Utah. His example has inspired me to make every day a good one and find the good in everything and everyone. I want to strive to work my hardest that I may eventually stand before the Lord and that He may say, ''Well done thou faithful servant''. This mission has given me an opportunity to serve others and put my life on hold and give my 2 to the Lord. There is a lyric of a song that I have about missionaries. It says,   ''Two years to the Lord is worth a million of mine''. That line is so true. I know I made the right choice to serve. I look forward to meeting many amazing people with the time the Lord has given me. 

I love you and everyone back home. Have a great week!

Love, your son,

Elder Kestner