Monday, July 18, 2016

A gnarly storm!

Dear Family and Friends,

Once again, this week has flown by. Last Monday we helped a new family move in on the Marine Base here in Albany. The Perez family. Barney and Bro. Hall were there as well and I was trying my best to not overdo do it and it was clear when my back started to tense up again... We then went to Steak n Shake for lunch afterwards which was delicious!

On Tuesday, I made some white chicken chili and we brought it to Sis. Oldham who lives in a care facility and Ralph came as well. It really made her day and her week. Her new roommate enjoyed some as well. She claimed it was the first home-cooked meal she has had in a long time. I give credit to my mom who passed on the recipe to me.  

On Wednesday we went out to try some referrals in western Albany. We were out for a few hours  and we took a break at a gas station and 'Poweraded' up and continued on. Later that day we met up with the Dunns at the church and had pizza with them for supper. We then had Book of Mormon class and had a great discussion about Prophets and distinguishing those with authority and those who claim authority by knowledge of scriptures and/or 'visions'. It really cleared the air when Enoch brought up that question. The Spirit was strong in that gathering. We were lingering for a little bit and we met up with Bishop Tolman. We loaded our bikes into a trailer he was hauling and asked if we were hungry. I had a little supper with the Dunns so I said yes. a quick drive-thru at McDonalds and we were back home very much worn out from the day.

On Thursday we weekly planned for a little bit and we tried some potentials from a while ago. We were able to meet up with Michelle once again and she wants us to come back this week in the evening which is quite exciting. Not too much else...

On Friday we went to Tifton for ZTM and Interviews with President Grayson. The meeting was great and it gave me a lot to think about. It gave me a lot of encouragement to work even harder so I can fulfill my purpose. After lunch, Bro. Anderson picked us up and we started for home. As we were driving, a gnarly storm blew in that we went through. With the thunder and lightning came a literal sheet of rain so that we couldn't see more than 20 ft ahead of us. Kinda scary. All we could really see was a tow truck in front of us with its lights on. Really eerie... 

On Saturday, I worked on my bike more since Bro. Spiers looked at it on Thursday and the front brake was giving me a resistance workout. I removed the disc brake and it vastly improved. We visited with Bro. Hall for a good portion of the morning. We then headed home for lunch. We then went back out and we biked to a list of referrals and potentials in a part of town we hadn't seen on our bikes. We were able to make contact with Sis. Wilson after a good long while and try Bro. Hayes, though only his son was there to let us know. Before we knew it, it was getting late and were hungry. On our way home, we stopped at a Subway and got some sandwiches and headed home for a late supper. 

Church was good yesterday and there was a really good turnout in Sacrament meeting, which was unusual. A less-active referral and her non-member husband showed up which was really awesome! We will be setting up an appointment today. In Priesthood, we discussed family history and the Temple. These two principles go hand-in-hand. They go back to Malachi's prophecy in the Old Testament; Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord:
6 And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

It has been a quick week and it blows my mind that this is the last week of the Transfer. I get a feeling I'm transferring out. Whatever happens, it's for the best. Have a good week y'all!

Elder Alexander Kestner