Monday, July 11, 2016

The gnats have come out to play!

Meeting the new Mission President!!

Dear Friends and Family,

Well, Summer is in full swing and it is quite warm down here in Albany! The gnats have also come out to play!

Fireworks with Ralph & the Sisters
As y'all know, last Monday was Independence Day! We weren't able to celebrate it, but we had the chance to meet with one of our investigators, Cher, the Sisters, and Ralph to light off some fireworks. She got a ton of fireworks and they were the big aerial kinds that no one can get back home and set off legally. The night was awesome and others joined in on some fireworks.

On Wednesday morning, we went to Tifton to meet President and Sister Grayson. Both Tifton Zones were there and we were  glad to meet him. He is very softspoken as compared to President Cottle who was very outspoken. After the conference, a few of the missionaries went to go eat lunch at Ranchero's, a southwest grill. A little later, after Book of Mormon class, we were about to bike home when I discovered my tire was going flat. I filled up with my pump that's on my bike and we biked home without trouble. A little earlier we were on our way to the Church to eat supper when we were stopped by a woman who turned out to be one of our referrals we had been trying to contact. We set an appointment for 11 am the next day.

The next morning, my tire was still flat. We were busy with some other things and my tire held on. Before we left for our appointment, I had the distinct impression we would teach the Plan of Salvation. I didn't know why. We knock on her door and she let us in while she was taking a phone call. She came back in the room a few minutes later and informed us her mother had just passed. We immediately talked about our Heavenly Father's Plan of Happiness. It was brief but she invited us back and that she would invite some friends next time as well. Awesome!

 We went over to Cher's to help with some yard work that evening. It was about 9 pm when we were fixing to leave. Guess what, my tire was going flat again. I tried filling it up and the darned valve busted and it lost all air pressure. Frustrated, I tried my best to keep my cool. I took a deep breath and we called Ralph for a pickup. 

The next morning we borrowed the Sister's car to get a new tube. We got the tube and came to the apartment. We weekly planned for a while and I was in the process of installing the tube when we both realized the tube was the wrong size too big. Brother Anderson took us to get an exchange shortly after that. we got back and the tube has worked fine since. I just can't seem to shake the bike problems, but oh well!

The next day was a doozy. After sports being cancelled, we biked over to East Albany. We tried some referrals and stopped at a convenience store to cool down. It was a good 8 mile ride out there. After downing a Gatorade and a Snickers, we were good to go. We then biked out to Chris Cartmell's house to visit. We knocked but it seemed they were asleep or something. We biked a half mile when Chris called and we biked back. We visited with Chris, Felicia his wife, and Andy his son. we downed some more fluids and Chris took us home. We then got picked up by Sis. Ross' son-in-law and grandson and we had a good supper at Zaxby's. 

Sunday was a blur. Some thunder and lightning slowed us down, but we were able to see Mary to finish the night. 

Another week in the books and Summer is just getting started. Have a good week y'all!

Elder Alexander Kestner