Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Keep us in y'alls prayers

Dear Family and Friends,

Well, Transfer calls have come and gone. We got a call Thursday night from Elder Bingham (Assistant to the President) informing me that I have been assigned to train a new missionary. I didn't quite know what to say or to react other than saying I would be glad to. We went to a meeting in Macon on Saturday at the Mission Home to receive instruction. About 40 missionaries were there, about half of which are training. We crammed into the living room to hear from President Grayson and the APs. Now, Moultrie detoured, picked us up, and took us to Macon. The Zone Leaders were there since Elder Ray was 'training'. They were asked to take us back home, or so we thought. We waited for a good hour after the meeting and lunch had ended. We had a good conversation with Sister Grayson and the APs while President Grayson was doing Temple Recommend Interviews with missionaries about to go home on Monday (today). Then everyone left except for us, the APs, and the Zone Leaders. Elder Sorenson and Elder Ray brought their car around to 'pick us up'. Elder Ray started to unload his bags indicating quite obviously that he was asked to be the new AP. Mind blown! We then left with Elder Sorenson. He will be staying with us until tomorrow. In the meantime we have had access to the car we came back with, which has been awesome.

Another note.. On Thursday Pres. Grayson asked how many referrals we had and the Grigsbys called and asked if we could fit another set of Elders in our apartment temporarily. We said we could and they came down later that day with a pair of mattresses, box springs, frames, and study chairs. They then took us to Applebee's for supper. So, we are getting another set of Elders in Albany! The good news is that another car is coming as well. Bad news is that the new set is getting it and Albany will not be a car-share area. Let the biking and 8 months to fitness continue!!

A lot is going to be happening in the near future. I am anxious when I meet my Greenie and I pray that we will get along and that I can teach him what he needs to know about being a missionary. Keep us in y'alls prayers please! I must admit that yesterday I felt inadequate to train a new missionary. I know it's the adversary telling me that, but it is difficult nonetheless. Gotta keep pushing forward!

This week was a very interesting one. we struggled to teach much. I remain optimistic for the future. My motto as of late has been "Keep looking forward!" Indeed it is the only thing we can do at times. With prayer and faith all things are possible!

Have a good week y'all!

Elder Alexander Kestner