Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Hey Normans!

The fishing hole
Dear Family and Friends,
This week has been a long one. It has been plenty warm down here in Albany!

On Monday, we were biking to go to an appointment with Enoch when we were stopped by a guy who called out "Hey Normans!". We came back and his name turned out to be Tony. He was cool enough guy. We then helped him move some couches for a buddy of his. As it turns out he's a pastor at a church in town. He did not look it, but he has been through a lot to get where he is. He said he would like to meet up again sometime to have a Bible study with him. We then parted and went to our lesson with Enoch which went well itself. 
Not sure what is going on here??? Funny faces??

On Tuesday, we had District Meeting here in Albany and after lunch we went on exchanges. Elder Godinez came to Albany with me for the day. It was quite warm and we had some success. Toward supper, we biked over to the Isbergs for our dinner appointment. Bro. Isberg then took us to Golden Corral. And after dinner, the temperature reading in his van read 100 degrees! Phew! 

On Wednesday after exchanging back, we tried some more referrals with little success. We came back a little past 2 and did some more studying for our lesson with Enoch that would end up getting cancelled. We then changed and biked over to Cher's to help her with some firewood. Right as we're about to leave, it started pouring. We biked back home and arrived soaked. We then showered and changed quickly to meet with Bishop Tolman at the church for supper. We ended up going to Cracker Barrel! After that we had Book of Mormon class to end the night. 

Fishing with Sister Walker & Elder Callison
On Thursday morning, we went fishing with Cher and the Sisters. We drove the Sister's car which was a nice change of pace. We went over a bit long than I would have liked. It was nice and relaxing to fish for a while. I didn't catch anything unfortunately. We got back, had some lunch and had some RMT. We then went to see about 10ish referrals around the area. One was interested and the others not so much. Apparently the Bibles I was carrying got soaked from a loose lid water bottle I had. We then had a late supper. 

Friday was a long day. We helped some people who know Bro. Anderson move into an apartment. They were really good, Christian people. It was a woman who just divorced and her adult Army-vet son moving. His back was bad, so it was Elder Callison and I doing the heavy lifting. I ended up hurting my back too... But it was good opportunity to share the Gospel. They had some good questions. they wanted to meet up again for supper sometime. We then weekly planned for the remainder of the night.

Saturday flew by and Sunday was interesting. Sister Ross, the meal calendar coordinator came into Priesthood Opening Exercises and chewed out the brethren for not feeding, which wasn't entirely true. She then said we need to be fed no matter what, which is also not true. We clarified that when she left. Later that day we had supper at with the Marburys and they paid me a compliment that I have lost weight since I've been here. I don't quite know about that...

As a last note, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! May we remember and honor those who have fought for and defended our freedoms we enjoy. And for the privilege we have to belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! God Bless America!

Have a good week y'all!!

Elder Alexander Kestner    

PS. President Grayson is now the new Georgia Macon Mission President!