Monday, October 31, 2016

A trip in a Police Car and a Mouse in the House!

Dear Family and Friends,

Well, things are going well as can be expected in Sweet Home Alabama! we've had a roller coaster of things happening this week. 

On Monday after P-Day stuff, we were picked by the Flowers and went to a place called Zeb's. Elder Buckley and I downed 30 wings (half mild, half hot). They were so good and they didn't give you the reaction you often get after you eat wings, if you catch my drift!

Tuesday morning we had District Meeting. After that and lunch we biked over to see some investigators that we and the Sisters joint-teach. We were able to talk to the daughter of Teresa, Brandi. We talked with her outside for a while until Brad came home and then we could go in. In that setting we taught and testified of the Book of Mormon and the power it has in our lives. I loved it! We then raced the 5 miles to our apartment to meet Bro. Whitmore at our apartment for supper. On the way we were waved at by Melanie Eiland (member). As we were coming up the hill to our apartment, Elder Buckley's back tire tube began to bulge or something. So that slowed us down a little. We get to our apartment, and have a great meal with the Whitmore's of ribs and potato salad. YUM! Afterwards, Bro. Whitmore got Elder Buckley a new tube and Slime, much to Elder Buckley's slight objection. It was kinda humorous to watch, to be honest. 
Who's Who?
Wednesday went by quickly. I wasn't feeling to good at all for most of the day, so it was basically a blur. Fast forward to AJ picking us up in his cop car and we head to the Ward Trunk-or-Treat. But before that, we swung by and picked up Malory and had a delicious tater tot casserole. So, we were in the back of the cop car. I really hope I don't turn into a criminal because those seats are not meant for 6'5 guys. The trunk-or-treat was pretty fun. The Goertzen's had a 'Haunted Van' and the Cornett's were Star Wars characters.

Thursday morning, the Ft. Mitchell Elders came over and we had lunch. We then all went and did RMT. After that, we walked around due to a hole in the new tube Elder Buckley got. Very unusual. We were able to talk with Greg for a bit and he gave us donuts, chips, and water to fuel us. We also tried Deoran, but asked us to come by the next day. We then met Bro. Goertzen at a CVS and had a great Supper with them. A very long and tiring day. I think I got a little sun-burnt but I wear that as a badge of honor! 

Friday morning we weekly planned, had lunch, and planned some more. Around 2:30 we walked over to see Wesley and we were able to talk a little more about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration. we then followed up with Deroan but he wasn't home. We also tried Stan but to no avail. We then tried Shirley and Anthony, but we ended up talking to Keandre, their son. We then got picked up by Ft. Mitchell and had supper with the Cammack's. After that we met with the Owens and gave Sis. Owens a blessing, since she has been sick for the past week. We get home and I notice that my toes are particularly sore and a little red. Oh boy... 

Saturday morning started good. We walked around Idle Hour Park and talked to a guy named Robert for long while. Apparently he has been taught by missionaries and he said we could come by and see him later on. A little later while at our apartment... I was sitting on the couch and I saw a shape move across the floor. It kinda startled me. I then caught a better glimpse a few minutes later. A MOUSE!! Not in our house!! We then quickly bought some mouse traps and some stuff to help my feet. So, we set some traps in the hopes of catching 'Alberto'. Later on, all four of us had supper with J.T. and Melanie Eiland. We had deer meat spaghetti and fried Oreo's! Elder Buckley and I wrecked them! 

Sunday was pretty usual. Had lunch with the Eiland's, visited Sis. Brewer and such. We later had a Halloween supper with the Cornett's. We also set off a dry-ice bomb and burned some old pants due to me being out 18 months (as of tomorrow 19 months). Josten took us home and we discovered that Alberto ate the peanut butter on the trap without setting it off! This means war!! 
Burning my pants for my 18 mth mark

Dinner at the Cornetts

Halloween Dinner

Well, like I said in the beginning. A very interesting week. Happy Halloween Y'all! We will be spending it in our apartment!

Y'all have a good week now!!

Elder Alexander Kestner 
At the Cornetts

Always a good meal at the Cornetts

Hair cut by Josten