Monday, October 3, 2016

The Gospel is about 1 Lost Sheep

Dear Friends and Family,

This week has been pretty solid and the best part of it was getting to watch General Conference!

On Monday after P-Day activities, Sister Hearn dropped off some bread pudding and ice cream cups. We then went to visit some less-actives and potentials. We ended up talking with Sister Morgan for a while and she gave us some Fuze drinks which were good along with some crackers and other stuff.

On Tuesday, we helped the Ricks family move which took up a good chunk out of our day. We later had supper with the Clarks. 

On Wednesday we had District Meeting and Elder Glenn and I went on exchanges in our area. Our plans were somewhat scrapped due to time and the need to see of their investigators while Elders Buckley and Munn went elsewhere. After a brief visit with Nicole, their investigator, we biked back to the Ft. Mitchell apartment. As we pulled in, Elder Glenn's foot got caught on the pedal guard and he fell over in front of all of us plus their neighbor. Elder Glenn burst out laughing and we joined him. It was honestly hilarious. We picked him back up and had a good joint lesson with Bonnie who was released from the hospital and is back on track to being baptized. we then drove over and had a great time having Supper with Josten and Sarah Cornett. Afterwards we went to the church for Book of Mormon class. We set up a time to see the Rivers and BJ the following day. Brother Prudhomme then took us home. 
Thursday morning we exchanged back at the library and had lunch at our apartment. We then visited with the Rivers and BJ and reconnected with them. But before that, we biked down the infamous 'suicide hill'. we tried a few potentials and ended up seeing seeing Sister Susan Newsome. We then began biking down to see Stan and Nikki and others when we got a text that Bro. Goertzen was on his way to drop off supper for us. We then raced and trudged up Summerville Rd which took a lot out of me surprisingly. A pretty solid day. 

Friday was spent mostly weekly planning. The McGwins dropped off some supper for us. We then had a great discussion with the Owens family. There I killed a roach with my shoe as it crawled on their wall. I was quite proud of myself, actually. We then committed them to attend at least one session of General Conference and they came to the Saturday Afternoon session! 

Saturday was basically taken up with watching Conference. After the Priesthood Session, we all went and got ice cream at McDonald's and Brother Harsh took us home. A good way to end the day!

Sunday after the Morning session, we had lunch at the Eiland's. After the Afternoon Session, we visited with Sis. Brewer and were entertained by her mini schnauzer, Parker. We then visited the Newsomes and had a great discussion with them. That was our day! Well, before Conference, we had to assist the Sisters putting the spare on a tire that was punctured by a nail the day before. 

Now, I would like to share some of my favorite quotes from General Conference.

Elder Hales- 'If we love the Savior more, will we hurt less?"
Pres. Uchtdorf- "As members of the church of Jesus Christ, we have been given so much"
Elder Uceda- "Always pray with a sincere heart". "When you pray, are you just saying prayers, or are you really praying?"
Elder Oaks- "People learn when they are ready to learn"
Pres. Uchtdorf- "To be successful, we must find our Amuleks"
Elder Robbins- "The principles of righteous judgement apply to all of us"
Elder Bednar- "Serving Him requires our heart, might, mind, and strength". "We come to know the Lord as we feel His love"
Elder Nattress- "The Gospel is about one lost sheep..."
I have truly enjoyed this General Conference and I am ecstatic to apply the counsel and revelation given to each and every one of us. Another note... I hit 18 months last Saturday, which means the next time I watch General Conference will be the day before and the day of going to the Mission Home, preparing to return home. Last April seemed to be so recent. I admit, I was a little saddened after General Conference was adjourned this time around, but it makes me enjoy it even more. It truly was a delight. 

Have a great week y'all!
Elder Alexander Kestner