Monday, October 24, 2016

Happy Fall Y'all

Dear Family and Friends,
Well, another week has gone by and it was certainly better than previous weeks. 

On Monday, we got haircuts by Josten Cornett, said goodbye to Elder Munn and Sister Farmer. Not much else happened.

On Tuesday we biked around a good bit and tried a few potentials and less-actives. We were able to meet with the Rivers and give Bro. Rivers a blessing.  We then had supper with a family that just moved in, the Whitmores. We ended our night with the Owens, a family we are working with to bring back to church. A pretty decent day!
Donning the Sweaters
Wednesday morning we tried some old potentials and former investigators. We talked to Savoy whom Elder Stewart and I tracted into. He said it had been a long time since missionaries came by. He wasn't too interested this go-round, but we left him with a spiritual thought and a prayer that he offered and of which was the Lord's Prayer. That was a good start to our day. After lunch we visited Sister Melson, who lives in a care facility. She doesn't get too many visitors and both her and her non-member roommate enjoyed the visit. We then tried a recent move-in Bishop Zeh asked us to contact. As we were at the door, the neighbor across the street threatened to call the cops on us and have us arrested since she was at work. Very weird and it was in a good neighborhood too! We then biked down RailRoad st and talked to Deorun. We were both filled to testify of the Book of Mormon and the impact it could have on his life. We committed him to read it and pray about it. A very good discussion. A little later Bro. McClure(a different one) picked us up and we had a great meal with them of cheeseburgers. we then finished the night at Book of Mormon class. 

On Thursday, Elder Buckley was a bit under the weather. After RMT in the early afternoon, we visited Sis. Stevens and she gave some soup mix to Elder Buckley to help him out. we then met up with Bro. Bush and had a great lesson with Stan. In the lessons, I had a very surreal moment. For some reason, I imagined Stan in white and I believe that was a glimpse of how Heavenly Father sees him. We left with another appointment for Sunday evening. We then had supper with the Longerbeams, a part-member family. We're starting to get somewhere with Bro. Longerbeam, JUST GOTTA HAVE FAITH!
At the Longerbeams
Friday was pretty solid. We broke out the sweaters that day! We did some weekly planning, visited with the McClures(parents of Adrian, whose husband is in Ranger training). We then met Sis. Stevens as she dropped off some home-made soup and cornbread. I LOVE CORNBREAD! We then visited with the Collins, a part-member family. Sis. Collins hasn't been to church in a very long time and no longer claims it as her church. We talked with husband, Patrick who is the baseball coach at Columbus State. We had a good discussion with him and talked about what we do and why we do it. We then visited Sis. Hearn for the remainder of the night. It was quite chilly but felt very nice! The only downside is that Olivia dropped us... Such is the missionary life. We hadn't been able to meet with her for several weeks. 

Saturday morning we did some service with Bro. Bush and he afterwards treated us to Smokey BBQ, which was delicious! Not much happened the rest of the day. Tried visiting with Billy in our complex and walked around our part of town with no luck. A decent day at least. 

Sunday was pretty good. Bro. McCoy gave a great talk and in his talk he mentioned that Jon Schmidt's(of the Piano Guys) daughter, Annie, went missing in Oregon. Please keep the Schmidt family in your prayers. One of his daughters served in this mission. We ate with the Bush's, visited the Otts and Sis. Brewer. We then had a shortened dinner with the Sjostroms to make it to our lesson with Stan along with Bro. Bush. We get there and ring the doorbell twice. Nothing. No lights. I then get the impression to knock and a few seconds later Stan opens the door and invites us in. What a relief! Fist-bumps between us and Bro. Bush! It was a great lesson on Tithing and Fast Offerings. The Spirit was strong there and it was clear Stan was feeling the Spirit strongly. We left and all 3 of us had the confirmation that Stan would be okay. What a way to end the night and week!

Well, this week was amazing and the coming one I am looking forward to. 6 supper appointments this week which is very awesome! 

Have a good week y'all!

Elder Alexander Kestner