Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Peanut Butter, Baptism, & Blessings

My District
Dear Friends and Family,
The days are finally starting to feel like Fall! Believe me, it is a welcome sight down here!

On Monday after P-Day activities we drove over to the Cornetts to help cut their grass. All four of us were there since Josten was out of town in Atlanta doing National Guard duties. After finishing, Sis. Cornett fed us a delicious roast for Supper. She then sent us off each with a jar of peanut butter with her signature and the time on it. It was pretty funny and a good way to end the night.

Sister Grayson and some of the missionaries in my District
Tuesday after District Meeting we had Interviews with President Grayson. It went well and we heard from Sister Grayson news about the hurricane going along the coast. The entire Savannah East Zone was evacuated, where I have previously served. Not much occurred after getting back from Columbus. We did some street contacting without much success. 

On Wednesday afternoon we were looking for a potential/former investigator when we found his father-in-law, Vincent. We talked with him for a while and he had some great questions. We moved on and we met with the Rivers and BJ. We later met up with Stan after about two weeks with no contact. He told us he had been reading the Book of Mormon everyday at work and he saw the impact of doing so helping his shifts at a chicken plant become less-stressful. He and his wife were planning coming to church when Stan got called into work. Bummer... He really wants to come and he is searching for another job that is more flexible. We then biked home via shortcut by means of the freeway. (There was a large shoulder to ride on, don't worry!)We then cooled off and had Supper. Bro. Bush then took us to Book of Mormon class which was a very good session. 

Thursday afternoon we went to see the Longerbeams and we ended up talking to Sister Longerbeam on their porch, since her husband wasn't home. Before we left, she invited us to come back later for Supper. As we were leaving, I noticed by means of pain in my legs and on my bike that my front tire breaks were squeezing the disc brake, thus riding with applied brakes. We came back a little later and had Hawaiian Haystacks. bro. Longerbeam then loaded our bikes on a bike rack and dropped us off at our apartment. There I fixed the problem and we the biked and finished our evening visiting with Sis. Hearn. 

On Friday we weekly planned, but Elder Buckley wasn't feeling too well, so he slept. I felt a little down that day when we got in and a little discouraged. Feeling prompted, I knelt in prayer at my bed for strength and to have an additional blessing of the Spirit with me. No sooner had I risen did I feel the love of my Father in Heaven. Elder Buckley cheered me up in his his natural funny way. A lot of what I felt was the Adversary getting at me for what would be happening the next day.
Bonnie's Baptism
Saturday morning, Ft. Mitchell picked us up and we went to the church to prepare for Bonnie's Baptism that night. I was honored to be the one to Baptize her. Elder Buckley assisted me and the Spirit was overpowering and we both felt out of ourselves.After the Baptism and as were mingling we talked to Jason, Bonnie's son who will be taking the missionary lessons. There is never a bad time to share the Gospel, especially after a Baptism! We got home that night feeling like we just went to the Temple. What a marvelous day!

Sunday came and Bonnie was Confirmed. Bro. Bush, Bro. McCoy, Bug, Bishop Zeh, and the four missionaries were in the circle with Bro. Bush as voice. Right after there was a baby blessing and the Spirit was so strong. After church we were waiting for the other Elders to meet with Bishop when a guy named Randall walked in. We started with some small talk and eventually the Gospel was brought in and Bonnie began testifying of the Book of Mormon since she was there on the couch. Sister Culpepper was there as well and I could tell he was there because the Spirit directed him. He came seeking help financially, but we left him with more than he bargained for. He had also roofed the church a few years back. We exchanged information to meet with him later this week. We then had lunch at the Bush's and afterwards brought the Sacrament to the Otts, Sis. Brewer, and Sis. McClure. What's more is that Sister Otts let me borrow a bigger Crockpot so I can make chili for the chili cook-off at the Fall Festival next Saturday. 

So, yesterday was Columbus Day and the library was closed which explains why send this on Tuesday. We golfed a little, got Sonic, and relaxed a bit. A good P-Day!

Well, this week had a lot of highlights and lessons learned throughout. I am starting to realize a few things concerning what it means to be out here and why I am out here. What a Blessing indeed!

Have a good week y'all!

Elder Alexander Kestner