Monday, October 17, 2016

Chickens, Goats & Chili

Dear Family and Friends,
This week has been crazy and quick. First off, Transfer came and I am staying in Phenix City with Elder Buckley! Which means I will be here until the last week of November which is the week of Thanksgiving!

Tuesday after emailing, we biked quite a bit. We tried quite a few people but many did not answer or were home at all. We briefly talked with a lady on a motorized chair and she asked us if we were in school, which is an odd question in my book... Towards the end of the evening, we were looking for a less-active family and we found them! They didn't have time to talk, so we moved on. We get about halfway up 40th st when Elder Buckley's chain gets jammed between the frame and the gears. we got it fixed, tried another potential, and visited Sis. Hearn on her porch for the rest of the evening. 

Wednesday was pretty good. We tried some of the old potentials from the beginning of my mission. The weather was cool and breezy. Just the way I like it! after lunch we talked with Wesley who had been reading the Book of Mormon since we saw him last. Awesome! we then met Terrence, whose mother is a member who had recently moved. Not sure if he's a member.. We then visited with Sis. Stevens, a less-active Sister until we met up with the other Elders to go to the Woods for Supper. We then had Book of Mormon class and Bro. Prudhomme took us home. A really tiring day!

Thursday was ZTM. It was very insightful and helpful for me. Later on, we had Supper with the Goertzens. After we ate, they showed us their newly arrived livestock of additional chickens and goats (pics below). They then found out that their rabbits had babies and Bro. Goertzen found the head of one and another one still alive. Very odd. Bro. Goertzen then dropped us off and Bro. Bush picked us up to give a blessing to one of the Sisters' investigator who is having a hard time. we talked briefly and set a time to come back the next day at 1 o'clock. 

Friday was relatively uneventful after our appointment at 1 pm. we later did some weekly planning, met with the other missionaries and Sis. Brewer at Waffle House. We planned with the expectation of one of us leaving the area or both of us. 
The Cornett's and Missionaries
 Saturday was busy busy busy! We helped set up for the Fall Festival and there was a great turn out. I had decided to enter the chili-cook off and I was shocked that mine won Really was not expecting it. We had Transfer calls later on. Sister Farmer and Elder Munn transferring out and Elder Glenn training. 

Sunday was pretty usual. Bishop Zeh and Sister Harsh gave incredible talks about compassion and love like the Savior showed. After lunch with the Eilands, where Bug busted out some Arctic Circle Fry Sauce Bro. McCoy brought back from Utah. It was so good! We then visited with Sis. Brewer, the Newsomes, had a delicious Supper of tacos at the Harsh's and visited with the McClures for the rest of the evening. Another thing, Elder Buckley and I both had a strong impression we would have a Baptism this Transfer. 
Keep us in y'alls prayers so we can make this happen!

Well, that's it. Have a good week y'all!

Elder Alexander Kestner